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First Cycle Plan - Whirlwind of Information

Hey guys, I’m a brand new member as of today but I have been sifting through the information on this forum for a good 6 months. I am pretty rigorous in everything I do and generally always strive to do things as perfect as possible the first time to avoid fuck ups down the line.

Now, I’m 26 and have been lifting for about 10 years naturally and I’ve reached a point where I want to take things a step further. I know some of you can be fairly conservative when it comes to steroid use; however, I’ve thought about it long and hard, understand the implications and risks, and its something I have decided to do.

There’s a LOT of information going around and I’ve set up my first cycle (including PCT) as follows (would immensely appreciate some input):

W 1-12 : Test-E 250mg E3D (monday and thursdays)
(From what I understand most people need to run an AI in order to control estrogen levels)
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD
(keep letrozole on hand in case gyno appears)

W 14-19 Nolva 20mg/day
W 13-20 Aromasin 25mg/day (tappering it if need be)
(I am taking this advice cycobushmaster’s thread, not sure if running aromasin is necessary)

From what i’ve read, it may be a good idea to keep using AI at small doses post - PCT to further eliminate chances of estrogen rebound?
Also, is there room - or would it be smart - to run hCG during cycle for nut atrophy? I read one of the threads stating that stacking SERMs and hCG is stupid, but is that the case with an AI?

Any help or advice would be much appreciate. I think this would be a good opportunity for other beginners to pull a bit of info out of this too.

Too much. Start with thag dose on injection day if you insist on using an AI and increase from there.


No such thing

Why? It’s a blast. They will pump back up when it’s over there is 0.need for hcg.

Best of luck bro!

I appreciate the input, very straight forward.

Wouldn’t I technically be starting AI on week 1 if I am taking that dose on injection day? Or are you advising that I take that dose, monitor my estrogen levels, and keep taking it if I need to?

No Aromasin, so just nolva for PCT? I read on the Newbie Cycle thread that taking hCG would help with recovery after. Also another sticky-ed threat mentioned that completely shutting down testicles is not a good idea, hence the use of hCG.

There’s a lot of contradicting views, or at least…differing ones which tends to make things confusing.

Well I don’t want you to necessarily do anyebased on my input and experience but I don’t use an AI at all. If you have researched and think it’s what’s best for you then I’d suggest starting from first injection and using 0.25 on injection day.


I rhino hcg is great for long term trt situations and some other things if people wish to keep thier balls working but for a blast I think it has no business being there. Your nuts will almost certainly start back working again and if they don’t I promise it won’t be because you didn’t use hcg.

TONS this is why it’s important to have a gokd understanding of how hormones work and all the variable positive and negative each drug can bring to the table. Really you need to finnd what works for you.

I was under the impression that 500mg of test-e a week was a fairly standard and conservative cycle.

I’ll run adex on injection day, and keep letrozole in case of gyno. But you would recommend not running any estrogen protection at all during cycle? It was to my understanding that test will aromatize into estrogen at supra-physiological doses and that side effects are pretty much a guaranteed in that case.

My main concern during this first cycle is bringing my hormones back to normal functions and not causing permanent damage, above all. Size and strength gains are secondary (obviously this is the whole point to running a cycle, but what IS the point if you end up screwing yourself over before you even began).

I think so. There is some people here who will tell you to run 250mg/wrrk on your first blast. Everyone has a different opinion.

If your diet is clean and body fat low it shouldn’t be a big issue. There is numerous threads here advocating the use of AIs and numerous that have my view of don’t use it unless it’s absolutely needed. If running it gives you a peice of mind then do it. For me using adex in a blast of a moderate test dose causes more problems then it solves.

Realistically you could run this cycle not use any pct and most likely be fine(not reccomending that) . The chances of permanent damage after 1 cycle is slim bro. Don’t freak yourself out enjoy your cycle.