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First Cycle Plan- What Do You Think?

i’ve been training hard/smart for the last six years. im 23 yrs. old 6’0 210lbs 7-8% bf. i know that im pretty young for gear, but i really think that ive reached my peak as far as natural abilities. im a nsca cpt so i know how to train and eat. im not some jackass trying to get on juice without a clue on how to train.
My numbers:
Bench: 380-390
Squat: 550
Clean: 315-325

i’ve been planning on starting with a low dose cycle just to put on bout ten pounds of good weight. ive got a solid nutrition plan and training plan to provide a solid foundation. this is what im planning.

Cycle: 8 weeks
-125mg test cyp. every three days
-.25mg adex every other day (.125mg week 9)
-200iu hcg every 4-5 days (dont like ball shrinkage)
-nolva on hand just in case

PCT: week 10-13
-20mg Nolva 2xday
-10mg Nolva 1xday

Let me know what you guys think i know that the test values are a little low, but i want to start small and see what results i get. let me know if you guys would add or take away anything. thanks

I’m not a steroid vet but I’ve done a fair amount of research, so I’ll add a few thoughts.

250 mg = shutdown, low sides, minimal gains.
500 mg = shutdown, low sides, good gains.

And 8 weeks is a little short for a long estered test without a frontload. Your first dose should be double or so.

As a compromise between the two doses you could try injecting 3/4 ml (assuming it is dosed at 250 mg/ml) twice a week, bringing the weekly total up to 375. I think this would be a good “testing the waters” dose.

i feel what your saying. i think bumping it up to 375mg wouldnt be too far of a stretch for me. im really wanting to keep the cycle time down to make sure my recovery is quick. 10 weeks is going to be the longest ill prob. go.

Update: 10 week cycle. or 8 week (with a frontload-500mg. first week)
-375mg. per week (190mg. every three days)
-SERMS the same
-PCT the same

any other ideas?

WOW…if your stats and number are real…mad props…post a pic…that squat is crazy…

I have used Cyp before for my first cycle and it takes about 2-3 weeks to “kick” in.

You are stronger than most motherfuckers on juice. Congrats. O, and, good luck on the cycle, try not to break the bar with all them 45’s haha jk

thanks guys! yea those numbers are real. i’ve got some pictures ill throw up sometime. for some reason my squat has always been real strong, wish my bench was a little stronger thats one of the reasons im thinking bout gear. im hoping all those numbers go up a bit here in the next eight to ten weeks. i’m planning on starting my cycle this sunday so ill keep my gains posted if anyone is interested.

Subscribed…please keep us updated.

haven’t started my cycle yet, but ive put most of my program together as far as training and nutrition. here’s what i’m doing.

Training: (4 times a week-days vary on four week mini cycles)

-non train days- abs, and cardio (light cardio, trying to bulk but keep fat down)

this is the split i’ve got for my first four week mini cycle. ive got it split so ill go through two mini cycles for my test cycle. ill change the splits a little for the second mini cycle, but alot will stay the same. (cant really work out heavy back and then try to murder the biceps the next day kind of thing.)

-sets: 21-24 sets per day (45-60min workouts)
-reps: around 8-12 (heavy) *my power/size lifts ex:bench press will be sets of 8 to promote strength w/muscle growth. my sup. lifts will be possibly in higher ranges.


*going on a clean bulk! trying to gain bout 10-15 pounds in 10 weeks!

training days: (no cardio, just heavy weights)
4500+ calories 40% carb. 40%protien 20%fat

non train: (abs and cardio-light)
4200 calories 35-40% carb. 40%protien 20-25%fat

nutrition is based pretty much off the Don’t Diet. (dont eat carbs with fat or carbs alone) pretty much ill split it up so i’m eating 3 carb/protien meals and 3 fat/protein meals through the day.

thats pretty much what i’ve got so far. let me know what you guys think!

Dont bother with such a low amount of test. If you are running 8 week then go with 600-700mg/wk.

If you are going to shut yourself down you may as well do it for a worthwhile amount. Get the most benefit you can out of your first cycle or you will surely regret it later on down the road.

If you diet the way you plan and dont go overboard with the carbs you should put on some good quality weight

yea, i know what your saying i’ve read up quite a bit on it and the consensus seems to be go 500mg’s/week on first cycle. i know alot of people might say this, but i dont plan on juicing much. esp. since i’m so young. i really want to start out kind of light see how my body reacts. i plan on taking a decent amount of time off between my next cycle so i think my receptors will still be pretty fresh the next time i decide to cycle. if im not happy with the amount of gains i make ill be able to adjust fairly easily.

all i want is to put on about 10-15 lbs. my goal is to be around 220 5%bf. i think 350mg’s/week for eight to ten weeks would get me there. as for the higher carb intake my body responds really well to carbs. i’ve messed around with my nutrition for a while and have found that im pretty insulin sensitive so i’m able to handle higher amounts of carbs than most without putting on bad weight. i carb cycled with some pretty freaking high carb values and went from 215 15-17% to 208 6%. was kind of unconventional how a went about it, but you really never know what works for you until you experiment.

i appreciate the ideas though. if i was trying to blow up quick i prob. would be taking that much. i’m trying to keep the gear on the down low. most people already think im juicing i dont want to parade it out there you know. thanks again

first shot this morning! 500mg to jump start my cycle. i’ve only got one thing to say; my ass hurts!!!