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First Cycle Plan (Test E)


Hey guys, please rate my cycle, any feedback on improvement or tips would be great.

Week 1-10: 500mg/week Test E
Week 1-4: 30mg/day Dbol
Week 1-10: 20mg/day Nolvadex
Week 12-13: 40mg/day Clomid
Week 14-15: 20mg/day Clomid

my stats: 21 years old, 225 lbs, around 10% bf, lifting 6 years, diet is 500g protein a day with around 4000 calories.


Tips: read the stickies- specifically the SERM & AI sticky...and the newbie cycle planning while you're at it.


im not an expert, but i would think getting an AI and keeping the nova for PCT a better idea


Wait 4 more years and drop the Dbol in addition to what the others have said.


No need torun the nolva on cycke cept if you get gyno symptoms. If you wanna run something to keep estro on check take arimidex Instead imo!



Why would you suggest he wait 4 more years and drop the Dbol in this cycle ?



For sure no reason to drop the d bol


Wish I was 21 again. (Full sack and no chance for heart attack.)