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First Cycle Plan, PCT Questions

Hey Guys,
I’ll be starting my first cycle soon. I am 30 years old, 5’10 180 lb. I’ve been lifting for 7 years. I will be running
1-14 Test E 200mg/2xwk
2-14 HCG 250iu/2xweek
1-15 Adex .25mg eod
16-20 Nolva 40-40-20-20

I will be getting married and going on my honeymoon immediately following this, so I really need my dick to work and I don’t want any post-cycle mood swings. I would like to not risk my test levels crashing post cycle. I am going out of the country so I won’t be able to bring any injectables with me. I am wondering if this scenario is an option: I am going to Slovakia about 10 days into the trip(10 days after my last pin), and I could buy a long ester test there and pin100mg to hold me over until I start my PCT.
I want kids some day so I obviously want to protect my fertility, so I am wondering if there are any safety concerns with doing that.

My next question is with the Adex. With 400 mg/week, should I start with .25mg every 3 days? Also, I am planning on getting e2 blood work to see if i need to adjust my dose. Does the beginning of week 3 sound like the best time to do that?

Any further comments or input on my cycle plan are appreciated.

You should just wait until after you’re back from your honeymoon to start your cycle. So many little things can go wrong with pct that it would be less risky to just do it all once you’re not on a specific timeline. You’re not risking test levels being low post cycle, they will be low. As in 0. Pct doesn’t guarantee recovery in that four weeks, btw. For some guys the restart works but takes weeks and weeks after pct to actually get back to normal. Would you rather have the gains from this cycle but have to explain to your new bride why you can’t get an erection, or would you rather avoid all that?


The possibility of the ol limp dick on the honey moon sounds like a nightmare. If you insist and go forward bring some penis pills with you

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Ok thanks for the input. How long could there be E.D. issues? If my package gets here soon I would have enough time for 12 weeks on and finish 4 weeks before the honeymoon. I might just have to do that. Other than that how is does the cycle look? Should I continue the HCG for 1 week after my test injection?

It looks good. I’d start slow with the adex, maybe e3d. But otherwise that’s a sensible dose of test and as long as you’re eating and training properly you should get great results.

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