First Cycle PL Meet , Not Sure

So long story short :
I got a PL meet in 6 weeks - bought some test Prop, and test E, proviron, arimidex, and pct stuff - shot 200 mg of test Prop two days ago - glute still very sore (cant DL or squat now… so that a big problem) .

19 years old - first cycle.

Now my questions are :

  1. if I stop now do i need pct ? (i got temoxifen and clomid on hand )
  2. should i just pin test E instead ?
  3. other suggestions ?


I think you should man the fuck up. You CAN squat and DL, you just don’t want to deal with the pain. The test E would not act fast enough to help you for a meet in 6 weeks. So I would either: keep using the prop, or never touch steroids again if you can’t deal with injection pain.

Did you not read anything before you started? There are LOADS of reports saying the first couple injections will feel terrible, lol. It boggles my mind that so many people are surprised by this.


Well I’ll start by saying that you are fucking 19 and should be quite a ways away from running a gear cycle. Maybe you should’ve done a little research and you would’ve been able to answer these questions on your own.

My suggestion would have been that you hang it up and wait another 7 years… By then you can have an abundance of questions answered.

This is amazing… Why is it that people in their teens want to jump on a cycle, but don’t know shit about what they are doing?

Now… Since you have already made the leap… You could stop and you should rebound just fine.

If you choose to continue… I suggest you do like @flipcollar said and nut the fuck up!!! You didn’t even shoot a lot of gear. It swells… about 5 seconds on google would tell you that. I currently pin 3.5cc of gear twice a week and I don’t whine about it… Even when I first started pinning, I would google stuff and not get on a forum to create a topic… That’s just asking for a shitstorm… Do as much research as you can for yourself before you get on here at the age of 19 and talk about grown man shit.

I red that it’ll hurt but just after I pinned… it’s not that I can’t DL or sq , but I’m starting to get into very heavy triples and doubles in the upcoming weeks so i can’t have aching pain in my gluteus , cause I’m gonna miss lifts and ruin my peak.

Ok man thanks I guess…
Anyways, I think I’ll stop, but do I need take some temoxi/clomid ?

(Also I googled all this stuff just wanted confirmation… extra safety )

you’re gonna miss lifts because your butt hurts?

Find another sport. That’s hilarious. There’s no way you have a decent total with that mentality.


sounds like an aching vagina to me…

“heavy triples and doubles”… I haven’t seen any numbers posted yet.

Brahs I don’t get why u soo triggered about it , I will start again after my meet , but for now do I need to do pct? What’s the point u tryna prove by not answering the question?

Gym lifts:
SQ - 440
Bench - 290
DL - 640

BW between 195-200

Competing in 198 class

brah. nobodies triggered. And your question was directly answered.

No, there’s no pct for 1 prop shot, lol. I didn’t realize that was a serious question.

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No, there’s no pct for 1 prop shot, lol. I didn’t realize that was a serious question.

Thanks man, repped

Butt pain is nothing to scoff at. Sometimes when my pre hits I have to run to the bathroom. And if I had been eating some Jalapenos as I am prone to do I will have crazy butt pain as molten lava comes pouring out of me. I definitely cant squat when that happens.

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maaaaaan i used to have such a high tolerance for spicy food. That is no longer the case. I fucking hate my life anytime I go for something even a little spicy. And I keep doing it! I live in Texas, so Mexican food all the time, PLUS I love thai food! I’m such an idiot. Just can’t stay away from it.

I am the same way. I love spicy food and unfortunately my mouth frequently writes a check my ass literally cannot cash. I guess like women forget the pain of child birth I too forget the pain of molten lava coming out my ass.

I ate this fucking thing called Bull Dak its a korean dish turns out it translates to fire chicken. Apparently the Korean like torturing themselves with spicy food. They under go some sort of sick twisted catharsis. Its a cultural thing. Anyways I work in bio pharm manufacturing. Through out the night I literally feel like hot molten steel is working its way through my intestines. The next day I was one of the only people trained for a specific process during which I feel this thing coming. I had no idea how bad it was going to be. I run to expel this demon from my body and it is literally like I was being sodomized by a red hot poker. Naturally I am thinking only water can put this out. We have an emergency shower in the bathroom. I strip naked and jump in there when again I feel that there is more of this demon I need to expel. My mind was so messed up that I literally was like " fuck it I am just gonna shit in this shower I can’t make it to the toilet I’ll deal with the shit later." Fortunately I found the courage to leave the relief of the shower and eventually the pain went away after like 25 minutes of pacing back and forth. Why does that help so much by the way. So yeah like I said butt pain ain’t nothing to fuck with. I think wu tang clan said that.