First Cycle: Phenil/Stano=>Made in Brazil

Hello there, Im from Brazil so first of all…sorry bout my english… :wink:

I wanna know what you think about my first cycle:

(1-4) stanozolol depot 100mg every 2 days
(1-4) testosterone phenylpropionate 250mg every 4 days
(2-3) clenbuterol 40 to 120mcg / day

week 6 start SERMS + tribullus for 30 days

Im 29 years old coming back from a long rest period, but all my life I pratice sports and lifting a lot.

225 pounds
19% BF

Hi protein diet / ABCD training / cardios 3x week

So what do you think about the drug combination, cycle duration and what to spect of lean muscle gains and lost of BF ?

Thank you for reading…

You should inject the Test E3D at the very most. EOD would work well.

4 weeks is somewhat quick if you aren’t going to frontload. My preference would be 6 weeks with a frontload.

If accurate your bodyfat is not at the optimal level to begin a cycle. It would be in your best interest to lose bodyfat while preserving as much muscle as possible. Lets be honest… 180lbs of LBM at 6’2 is no where near ready for steroids.

Before the cycle I’ll be alternating clenbuterol and lipo 6x for lose some bodyfat.

My diet is ok…hi protein, good suplements and 5/6 meals day

Lats say I dont whant to whait 2 years to get some good results naturally…

-I’ll take my %BF tomorrow…cause this 19% was taken about 3 month ago…

Thanx for the words, Bone…

So my BF actually is 17,9% in 225lbs.

Considering I’ll do this cycle anyway, somebody have something to say about this drugs, amount, size and others cycle details ?

There are something better for me ?


nobody else ???