First Cycle - PCT

Hi all,

I just started my first cycle ever.
Weeks 1 - 4 : Winstrol oral @30mg/day
Weeks 1 - 10 : Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/week

I’m 6’, 28 years old, 190 pounds, 13% BF, training martial arts for many years, weights 8 years on and off, last 1 year seriously. Clean diet, enough rest, no partying, water intake approx. 3,5 l per day now.

I know you’ll flame me for that Winny at the start (you better see test only or Dbol) but I want to gain more quality and a little kickstart.

I’m in week 2, feeling very good, BP normal, no dryness or joints aching - only a little more oily skin than normal.

  • I gained already 4 pounds and I can see pretty interesting strength gains each trining…But from Winny??? I wouldn’t expect that. Could be water from test but is that likely that early?
  • I saw an interview with Rich Pianna where he advises not to use HCG on cycle but after cycle when test level is decreasing. Basically a bridge between end of cycle and beginning of PCT (Clomid+Nolva). Do you thing it’s a good idea?? I have HCG, Clomid and Nolva at home.
    -I would like to loose a little bit fat after cycle but I think I should wait a few months after cycle. Because lowering a calory intake too early after cycle could lead to catabolism and loosing gained muscle right??

Thanks guys