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First Cycle PCT Questions


hey guys this is going to be my first cycle, of test cypionate the cycle is as follows
week 1-10 500mg of test cyp spit into every three days injections
two weeks after last injection pct will begin

my question is im leaning towards liquid toremifene for my pct

will this be enough for a test only cycle at 500mgs a week. or would i be better of just using nolvadex.

i will also have liqudex. there is alot of mixed reviews on weather or not to taper off before pct or using an ai in pct

is there anything wrong with using liquid reaserch serms and ai's. or am i better off finding a source for the real deal?


5'11" 220 lbs
23 years old been training constistantly since 11th grade
diet is roughly 4000 calories with 250 grms of protien a day
bench 275x2
squat 360x5


I would use adex throughout, something as little 0.25mg EOD should suffice and if you run into problems you can up it.

I know people who have done something similar with little to no Pct (out of stupidity) and recovered just fine. Probably bc recovery should be easier in your late 20's

I think the general rule of thumb is cycles => 10 weeks should have hcg too


i plan on using it through out the cyle im just talking about weather to drop it durring the two weeks before pct or continue it into pct and taper off then?


I would take it until PCT or if you feel like tapering something, taper into the start of PCT.


thanxs for the replys trt i appriciate it...as far as serms go torimefene dosnt seem to be the norm but rather a new up and comming choice...i wud be able to get nolva much cheaper and some have said that its a much better choice. ive heard ppl say such good things about toremifene but im startin second guess my self


Tormifene is supposed to be better, however I have not had any experience with it.

Why not kickstart with an oral?


I have no experience with Toremifene either. Read the SERM and AI sticky. I usually just recommend what we all know has worked and continues to work. But you can make the choice if you research it.


ive read over all the stickys many times and the info on torimefene is very vague it says the dosing and its relationship to tamoxifen. its pretty much hard to find info on ppl using it as pct...compared to nolva and clomid. and i dnt plan on kickstarting with an oral because its my first cycle and i want to see how my body reacts to test...i just figured if u cant have decent gains with a test only 500mg a week cycle then u have no business trying steroids to begin with lol ..thanx for the replys guys its much appriciated