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First Cycle PCT Question


I am in week 2 of my first cycle, it is Sustamed 250, for 12 weeks
I am only pinning 250mg per week.
I now realize that this is a very low dose, next time I will get more,
but as of now I have 10 amps left.

I figure instead of switching to 2 amps per week after week 4, to do a total of 8 weeks, I am just going to go to 12 weeks with 250 each week.

I have been getting mixed answers on PCT, with this low of a dose, what should my PCT be and when should it start? thank you

Step 1: Find out you are on a stupid cycle
Step 2: Continue the same stupid cycle instead of changing/stopping it
Step 3:
Step 4: Profit!

that’s the worst cycle I’ve ever seen