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First Cycle/PCT Input Based on Body Type?

Hey all , this would be my first post and also my first cycle . Some info on me to filter responses, Im 32, 6’5, 225 pounds , 8.8% body fat tested through Poloquins 12 pt site ( im tested every 2 weeks ) and have an extensive training background of 12+years coming from a sports background that evolved into training which is now my profession . I have a very solid starting point and was looking to bump it to the next level by possibly adding a good 20 pounds since i feel as though ive hit that natural plateau. My diet is on point as well .

After doing some research i want to keep my first cycle simple and was looking into a Dbol/Test-e cycle, any extra input would be appreciated as i dont know much besides the little research that ive done

Week 1- 5 : 40mg Dbol ED
Week 1-12: 500mg Test-E a week
Week 14-18 : Nolva 40/40/20/20
Weeks ? - ? : Arimedex

PCT is where i got all confused when reading around . I see people saying take HCG , some say its not needed , others take Adex though the entire course of the cycle and PCT … Id rather not take something if Its not necessary … Can you guys look above and see what could be done above or changed

Thank You

First off I would like say I am by no means an experienced user (but have lurked for a long time) so I suggest waiting for other more experienced members to give their input as well. However, I did do almost an identical cycle (test E/DBol/PCT: Nolva) with same doses about 2 months ago as my first, so will comment from my experience… Do not take this as gospel!

I used Arimedex 0.25 mg EOD Week 1-14 dropping to 0.125mg in last week (although some suggest .5mg EOD) I think it is generally accepted that doing a cycle without an AI, especially your fist, is a bad idea so run adex.

I took HCG Week 2.5-12.5, 250IU 2*/week. I felt this facilitated a quicker recovery, as well as preventing gonads from becoming too tight, and didn’t regret taking it (I had the same thoughts before my cycle with regards to not taking stuff that isn’t necessary). So again from personal experience only I would say run this as well if you can!

Otherwise looks nice and simple. Hope this helps.
Good luck!

12 weeks. I would do nolva 40/40/20/20 and clomid 100/50/50/50.

[quote]Mennotinblack wrote:
12 weeks. I would do nolva 40/40/20/20 and clomid 100/50/50/50. [/quote]

why? any scientific data to back this?

i can find a lot that does not support this type of PCT…

[quote]Mennotinblack wrote:
12 weeks. I would do nolva 40/40/20/20 and clomid 100/50/50/50. [/quote]

ya , from reading i saw there was no use in taking these together but then again i dont know


I’m doing virtually the exact same cycle, except with the addition of hCG during. This keeps my balls from shutting down, so the recovery process will be much easier. Also with Adex, I’m going with 0.5mg EOD, I’ve seen as low as 0.25 EOD recommended, but I wanna be safe with sides. Good luck bro, please keep us posted!

I found I recovered Better with Nolva and clomid, with a low dose AI.

You can use one or the other or both. Up to you and what you find works best.