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First Cycle/PCT/Any Experience Welcome


Stats- 6"2, 220 ~12% bf
Very proficient with tracking macro’s, can cut and bulk very easily, have weighed 231 peak of my latest bulk, SBD/ 485/315/545

What I would like to do is run a 10-12 week test E cycle at 500 mg, going to cut down to around 195-205(we’ll see how much it impacts training), plan would be to eat in enough of a surplus during the cycle to maintain the maximal jumps i can put on my main lifts

Training isn’t going to change much (or at all) from when my current training, so I know for a fact I can keep it up when I’m off, just going to take larger jumps than I could naturally

Any advice for PCT from someone that regularly cycles on and off (blast and cruise is not the goal here) would be very much appreciated, any common mistakes to avoid, also should I use dbol for the first 4-6 weeks?


Don’t skimp on cleaning. Wash your hands thoroughly, wear sterile gloves. Wipe everything with alcohol and give it time to dry/kill everything off. I double wipe everything just in case. Inject slowly and wait a second before pulling the syringe out to prevent oil from coming back up.

Last thing you want to do is end up in the ER from an infection and explaining what just happened.