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First Cycle, PCT/AI Questions

Hi all, first time posting here.
I have been watching a ton of videos online, and have read a bunch of threads too regarding a first cycle, I know I want to keep it simple and do 500mg of Test E p/week for 12 weeks.

It is the AI and PCT that confuses me. I have chatted with someone who can get me some stuff, and was told I do not need an AI and can just take Tamoxifen if I start getting gyno symptoms during the cycle, whereas most other places I have read said I should instead take 0.25-1mg Arimidex every other day (which confuses me as that is quite a big range). Some places even say to only take an AI IF I start developing gyno or high estrogen like symptoms.

What would the advice be for on cycle support if needed?

Also with PCT, some places again say just take 40mg Tamoxifen daily for 2 weeks, then 20mg daily for 2 weeks. The person I spoke to recommened this alongside 100mg/50mg Clomid. What is best here?

Lastly, I have read some places say to take HCG, other places (including the sticky here) list it as an optional extra.

Little background on myself, I am 29 years old. Have been training for about 8 years, always natural. I am in good shape, about 5"11 and 175lb and would say I am around 10% bodyfat currently.

Easy answers are as follows:

AI is dependent on your symptoms and eventually mid cycle blood work. If you’re getting lots of sides then take an AI, starting low and working your way up if need be. Yes, Nolva can help prevent gyno and that is useful. But other associated sides effects of high e2 can cause problems not solved by a SERM. You may need both. You may need neither. Have them both in your possession when you begin and take as needed.

PCT is easy as well. The movement is headed towards lower for longer, as that seems to work well and reduces side effects from SERM(s), which can be kind of nasty. Nolva for six weeks at 20mg is typically sufficient. No need for Clomid if you have Nolva. Guys will sometimes way overdo it with both of those drugs and the more time passes the more we learn that it needn’t be complicated.

HCG is IMO not optional. It’s cheap, use it. But that’s my opinion. You can get away with not using it, and plenty do. I cannot fathom why anyone would skip it, but it seems like guys cycle without it and live to tell the tale. If you choose to use it then pick one of two ways. 1.) on cycle all the way to PCT, or 2.) In the three weeks between your last test shot and the start of PCT. Again, I have an opinion about which is best, but that’s based on how much I personally enjoy it. YMMV.


Thank you for the reply.

That sounds like a good idea to have an AI at hand, I think I have read this too. How will I know how much to take if I start getting side effects from high estrogen?

So tapering Nolva isnt the recommended way now. Thanks.

What is your prefered way to take HCG and how much is the dosage?