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First Cycle PCT. AI or not?


Hey there,

I just finished my first (very modest) cycle of 250mg of test-e a week for 10 weeks. I ran anastrazole from week 3 at 0.125mg EOD and upped to 0.25mg EOD for the rest of my cycle a couple of weeks later due to estrogen mental side effects. I will definitely run anastrazole from day 1 on my next cycle.

I had pretty good results, and achieved my goal by week 5 (less body fat, retaining muscle mass). General stats: 34 y/o, have been doing gym and mostly weighted calisthenics for a few years. starting point at 12-14% body fat.

I just started my PCT 2 weeks after my last injection, consisting of tamoxifen 20mg ED. I plan on running that for at least a month, possibly even two months (following KSman advices on other posts) and see how it goes. Using an AI during PCT seems controversial. I have anastrazole on hand, would it help or simply add to the confusion? From what I gather, they both mess with each substance’s bioavailabilty, which is not a good idea during PCT. I don’t have access to aromasin. Should I just forget about the anastrazole during PCT and stick simply to tamoxifen? So far I haven’t had bad sides from the tamoxifen, just occasionally feeling like a pussy, but nothing serious.

so, anastrazole during PCT: bad idea or not? is it even worth it?

thanks a lot