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First Cycle PCT Advice Test E

Hey all, so im coming up too the end of my first ever cycle ive been using 600mg test enanthate per week, cycle length ia 12 weeks, i think im ok but obviously am getting nervous the closer it gets to doing my pct, what wouod everyone recommend using? Quickest way to kickstart my natural test production, keep as much gains as possible which i have read alot of people do on test… i currently have a box of nolva which i was planning to use 40mg per day for 2 weeks then 20mg per day for 2 weeks?

Use exactly what you planned on, start it 2 weeks after your last injection. :+1:t6:

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Thanks for the confirmation dude, so i shouldnt bother with hcg?

HCG is basically the “synthetic” way to make out balls produce testosterone. The whole point of PCT is to get our bodies to produce their own “HCG.” That is a very simplified way of looking at it but it is accurate enough for this conversation.

Some guys do find recovery easier if they use HCG throughout the cycle and thus prevent total shutdown of natural testosterone production but the HCG usage doesn’t guarantee anything or make anything easier beyond the point of your balls are still producing testosterone. You still have to get your body to tell itself to make testosterone. Ultimately it’s the HTPA that we need up and running to facilitate recovery.

You are at the very beginning of your AAS journey. I assume you are fairly young and healthy. From my stand point I think everyone should try the first few PCTs with Nolvadex or clomid and then maybe a low dose mixture of the two. If recovery happens in proper order then why spend money on the HCG unless you just have that good of a job and are willing to spend an extra $100 or so per cycle for just added peace of mind. What I am getting at is find out now if just Nolvadex works for you. If it does then continue to use it for future PCTs. Maybe sometime in the future it will prove to be just not enough anymore and then at that time you can explore HCG usage.

I promise you that forcing yourself to continue to workout throughout PCT will do a hell of a lot more for your recovery vs HCG usage. Really the continued physical activity is possibly more important than the SERM.


I forgot to put this in the earlier comment. Whatever you do, do NOT use HCG during PCT. It will actually hinder your recovery. Just like when we use synthetic test our bodies no longer make it’s own test, when we have HCG in us our bodies don’t make the FSH and or LH (the way our bodies tell itself to make test). So never use HCG during PCT. I know some sites suggest using it during but it works against proper recovery.

out of curiosity how were your cycle results anyway?

Thanks for the help mate very informative will be sticking to the nolva see how that goes

Not too bad really, I think the main thing that became very noticeable was the trap gains, I’ve felt fine throughout gained approximately a stone, almost feels as though I should have extended it for another month or so as it kicked in slowly even with a frontload, but as it’s my first cycle I’ll just stick too the 12 weeks for now

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Can you help us Yanks out and tell us how many pounds that is?

Edit: Never mind. I looked it up. 14 lbs for anybody curious. Nice job OP

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