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First Cycle & PCT: Advice Please


I'm looking at starting my first cycle. Below is the cycle and subsequent PCT. Any thuoghts or advice would be appreciated.

WEEKS 1-10
1ML each of Deca200 and Sustanon250
Weeks 11-12
Winny. 3ml Every other day.

Will have Nolvadex on hand for any signs of gyno

PCT: I have clomid but am leaning towards using a combination of that and novladex. Say 20MG Nolva per day for 5wks and XX of clomid? (Can't remember off top of my head) This should be a long enough time for majority of gear to leave system and encourage natural testosterone production.

Also, i'm still waiting on definite prices, but I think it'll come in at 600-700 Australian Dollars.

I'm aware doses are low, but it's a first cycle so I still think good gains are assured.

Any thoughts/ideas guys? Or even feedback on the prices from any Aussies?



What is the exchange rate from Aussie dollar to US dollar?



I don't know much about steroids, but I do know that Sustanon250 is not the best form of test. If you want a longer acting test get enthanate or cyponate. Proponate for short.

Also, even more importantly, don't give your doses in ml. In grams or mg.


Let's try and fix this for you...

Do your best to get either test enanthate or cypionate. Shoot 500mg per week, 250mg Monday and Thursday.

Along with that, shoot 400mg of deca a week, 200mg Monday and Thursday.

If you're lighter than 190 lbs, you can decrease the dosage a bit.

I'd do the winny (orally, of course) for 4 weeks at the end of the cycle. Start 2 weeks before the last shot of test/deca and go on for 2 more weeks. Do 50mg ED, not e3d.

Have plenty of nolva ready, but to really prevent gyno, you should use a small dose of either letrozole, arimidex or aromasin.

For PCT, use clomid, nolvadex and HCG.


Answers to first questions. US dollar to Aus dollar is 66cents Australian to your 1 Dollar (approx) Multiply your prices by 1.3 Then our prices are prob more expensive due to the tight as controls on those substances and no border to cross to obtain them.


A friend of mine was using test enanthate and proprianate (Hows my spelling?) together and they worked well. He was told to use them together (One being the faster acting)
What would this combination be like in comparison to the test cypionate and what mg/ml bottle are they available in?
400mg/ml of deca seems like a lot (And i'm 220LB.
I don;t understand why you're splitting the deca injections seeing as though it is a slower acting compound unless you're implying i inject the test and deca in the one needle.
I'm wary of putting more than 3 ML's into the 1 site.

Regarding Gyno, you're suggesting letrozole, arimidex or aromasin.
What benefits do these provide that Nolva doesn't/Ie do they work differently and subsequently better?

For PCT you suggested clomid, nolvadex and HCG.

I can use the first two. What doses do you recommend, HOWEVER i can't get HCG. I know it's a nice one to have, but i'm aware that you also need something to combat the subsequently increased eostrogen levels. This is where i'd wanna use arimidex/aromasin isn't it? Can't say i'm an expert because I haven't been able to get HCG at all.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.



Why winny at the end of the cycles? And I had my cycle mapped out as 10 week cycle.

Test enan/ 500 /week
decca npp/ 300/week
nolvadex every day

Stop decca at week 8
2 weeks after my last test pin start clomid therapy.

Help me tweek it please.