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First Cycle. Ordered Too Much Powder, Package Might've Been Seized

I am doing my first cycle of test prop starting at 300mg all the way up to 500 mg a week in a 12 week cycle. As I was doing my research on PCTs and the equipment needed to brew, I thought I would just order it first since it takes a long time to arrive internationally. I did my calculations wrong and ordered 60 grams of test p for brewing a 12 week cycle. I did not realize this until a couple days after I placed my order. It was too late to change my order, already sent out.

It has been in customs for 8 days now. Chances are it has been seized. I am aware of the whole “ignore the customs letter and dont get anything sent to that address again” procedure, but 60g is enough to make feds think it is for distribution. I have this feeling that the amount is the reason it got seized. If an undercover agent does come to my door, I know to deny that I have a package. But I live with several people and a landlord that are home a lot more than me. So I’m concerned they might harass them for more information on me. Or even threaten them.

I know I’m being really paranoid right now and thinking of the worst possible scenarios but I would love some input. Probably going to stick with domestic from now on.

Well, when posting this particular thread, are you using an encrypted browser or VPN? If not, this post will lead more of a papertrail towards you, however on the bright side, if caught (unlikely) at least you’ve got (albeit minor) proof you weren’t intending to distribute.

Did you mail the package to you’re name? 60 grams of test P is a decent amount, it’s enough for 60 vials which is… Probably thought of as slightly more than personal use. That being said compared to the amount mass distributers would try import it’s still chump change

First cycle and home brewing? You got some big boy balls my man



You: how can I over complicate my first cycle more then anyone else on t-nation


This does not add up. You’re brewing for a first cycle, but brewing involves math and conversions and ratios. Yet you didn’t notice when your order costs 10x what it should have? And you have roommates and a landlord but you’re going to brew there? I smell something else here.

concretegorilla… also known as Heisenberg

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How dare you disrespect Heisenburg. Heisenburg wouldnt have let some idiots at Customs ruin his operation.


Damn, you’re absolutely correct. Sincere apologies.


Dont apologize to me bro. I am not the danger.


sighh theres conflicting advice everywhere. some posts tell to only use your real name other posts dont do that. but a couple days have passed and im not as paranoid anymore. 60g isnt really what comes to mind for mass distribution. It’s not like I ordered thousands of orals too

are you posting your video recommendations on a forum where grownups are talking about steroids? Is that your favorite show? good for you. I’ve looked through your post history and you are a complete troll lmao. If you dont want to help people just shut up, no one needs your directionless input. if you even knew anything you would know 60g alone is not enough to “start an operation” lol

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Talking pretty tough for someone that was just crying about losing a package to customs. You need to work on reading comprehension. I said ruin YOUR operation. Whether its for personal or distribution. I am all about helping people but sometimes you just cant cure stupid.

Are you not smart enough to get the reference to the show? I could break it down for you. I like how you pretend to be “grown-up” talking about steroids starting your big bad cycle.

Now if you are interested in information about Sources for raws, then I would check out Meso- forums- Underground.

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…its really only complicated if you make it to be.

I was looking for good sources and the source I chose has rad reviews about their raws. I eventually learned more about raws/homebrew procedure/equipment than anything else. And being able to control the cleanliness of my products enticed me. The only thing that I did not get was the conversions since I forgot most of the chemistry I learned in college. I ordered the raws first, just knowing that I ordered enough, if it was extra I can save it. I did not realize I ordered that much extra. When I finally understood conversions the shipment already went out. mistakes are part of learning. and in regards to my place we live in a duplex and we all have private spaces.

Fair enough explanation. So what’s your setup? Bottle top filter or you doing it by hand?

Shake and bake

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No bottletop, just syringe filters.

But think Imma put it off now since I’ve found more sources and learned my conversions. I underestimated how many injections a vial of test p actually had lol