First Cycle. Oral Test Worth It?


Trying to figure out how to do my first cycle. Seems like test is a must. Question is, can I do oral test and stack it with winstrol or something so that I dont have to pin`=?

no, oral test is not sufficient.

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Like @flipcollar said oral test isn’t good enough. Also it gets expensive to take the amount that you would need to. Testo caps andriol have a rather rapid half life and can get hard to process(castor oil). Injectable test is cheap and only hurts a lil.

thx guys! No way that I can get away without pinning I guess

what is your reason for not wanting to pin?

Orals are easy for me to get. Im a newbie so its easier not to pin. Easier to hide from my Gf lol

gotcha. that’s not a real reason not to pin. the only reason that I ever entertain is when someone is in Japan or a similar country that bans needles. When that’s the case, you really have to look for alternatives to pinning. As long as you live in a country that does not ban needles, you don’t have a legitimate excuse to not use them.

Hiding this from your girlfriend is a poor idea. Here’s why: You’re new to this, but you won’t be forever. You won’t just do 1 cycle. If you stay with this girl for awhile, you’re gonna have to tell her eventually, because you don’t want her finding out on her own. (she will). It’s like ripping off a band aid, lol. Just get it over with now and never have to deal with it again. If she’s not ok with it, and you’re determined to use them anyway, you need a new gf who is more understanding.


Stack it with an injectible, doesn’t have to be tons. Lots of reasons why, biggest ones are you are mostly wasting time and money otherwise.

Gotta pin… I’m pretty sure quite a bit of the guys on here don’t exactly like to pin. It’s not some euphoric experience and can be a pain in the ass, literally. So, if you aren’t pinning because you are a newbie (one reason), how exactly will those orals help you in becoming more experienced and ready to pin? Anybody can take a pill. That won’t help you get over your apprehensions about pinning. If anything, I’d be pissed because of the sub par results I’d be getting from oral test. And like @flipcollar said… It’s not just a one and done type thing. Also, if you have to hide it from your gf, that situation might need to be reevaluated… Or you just stay natty.

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I was married to a girl who wasn’t ok with steroids. I’m not anymore, but while I was, I had to hide it. Hid it for over a year. I kept my gear at my office, never brought anything home. It’s a shitty life. I wouldn’t recommend doing that to anyone. I plan to tell anyone I’m in a relationship with in the future that I use steroids. And if they’re not ok with it, I’ll move on.

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thx guys, seems like pinning is needed. Also I see your point regarding my gf. Hoped for a easy way out, but I guess I have to face the problems