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First Cycle or TRT?

Hey guys. As title reads I want to do a cycle, and possibly trt. Mainly for sake of wellbeing. Ive still got loads to learn in both training and dietting so not planning to do it straight away

I got my T levels checked couple of months ago and doctor said they were normal, but normal may mean many things.
I did a halfassed cycle when I was 18 gained 10kg in couple of months and lost it just as fast. Im 30 now.

S-Test: 22 unit: nmol/L reference: 8-35
SHGB: 49 unit: nmol/L reference: 8-60
S-Free test: 4,6 reference 2,3- 9,9

Any input ?

I started TRT 5 years ago not because I tested low (never got tested back then), but because I was tired of the up and down swing. One day you are crushing it in the gym, and the next you are trying to talk yourself out of going. When I started, I did a high-dose primo (700mg/week) with 250/week of test e for (IIRC) 12 weeks. Went from that directly into TRT dose of 100 mg/week. Have changed doses a few times, and done a few more primo cycles in the meantime. Currently at 250/week, and planning my next cycle. This approach worked out very well for me, but YMMV. For clarification, I have been administering my own TRT dose without medical supervision for all of that aside from about 6 months.

Your test levels are still right in the middle of normal, I would recommend learning more about training and proper nutrition and squeezing every bit of progress you can from that. Google how to raise testosterone through diet, there are some pretty simple things you can do such as eating whole eggs - the increase in cholesterol can help boost your test output. However, if you have cholesterol issues or if it runs in the family then that is something you will have to watch carefully, of course. I’ve never had an issue with cholesterol until I had been on TRT for a while. I eat eggs every morning for breakfast, and my theory as to why it started rising was that being on TRT, my body wasn’t converting the cholesterol to test so it just started building up. I started taking the yolks out of about half the eggs I eat (literally 5-6 eggs every morning, sometimes more), and that helped lower my cholesterol numbers.

Bottom line - do your research and squeeze every bit of progress and health out of that before getting on TRT. It definitely helps with a lot of stuff, but it also brings some new things you have to watch for.

Thanks for reply boatguy.
Yeah thats how it goes in the gym, and in life generally for me. Did you have any symptoms of low T?
Do you feel like quallity of life over all got better on trt? How old are you btw ?

I didnt know that about the eggs. When you say eating whole eggs. You mean eating them raw ?

Ill definately keep trying to raise em naturally.