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First Cycle or More Supplements or Something Else?

Hi I have been powerlifting from 1.5 year from 2015 and used only creatine sometimes and whey protein ,complete vegan (don’t consume eggs or any kind of meat).but I got injured and got bulge in l4 l5 and pain in hip (s.i joint and peroformis pain )dr has told there is not much in disc to worry .but I haven’t been recovered and pain is still there from 2 years. They have used corticosteroid also one time but no improvement .Then some body told me to use nandrolone and testa one cycle .I want to ask if is it good to go for this? thanks.
Body weight :59 kg
Best lift raw : bench 90kg ,squat 155kg, dead 150kg, height 5.6 inch .

Find another doctor…we’re all in this iron game together and lingering pain and tweaks from old injuries are just par for the course but AAS use isn’t going to fix you in this case. You might see a bit of improvement in the hip pain from Deca but I would rather discover the root cause of that pain first.


Steroids aren’t going to cure soft tissue damage. Like @yubs says, its probably time to find a new Doc.

Have you tried acupuncture? It can provide a lot of pain relief and help direct blood flow to injured areas. I did it for 5 years until I had to move.

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I have tried many physiotherapist and spine docters but no improvement .But 2-3 patient of similar situation and game told me that they were able to cure this by this .so I thought to give it a try .thanks

Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.

On a side note, you cant be vegan if you’re having whey protein.



Sorry my mistake it was vegetarian I meant.

Are you a female? Not trying to be funny just curious. These look like the stats of a small teen or a woman in which case I def wouldn’t be touching test.

In the case you are a male I still wouldn’t use anything for a while longer. I have lower back issues that are disk related. I’m not a power lifter so I stay away from squats and other things that can add strain to that area and generally am ok

No male .age 25 I do squat but it cause me no pain but while deadlift there is a pain in my butt.