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First Cycle Options

Hello, been lurking for a while and this is my first post.
Age: 26 Height:6" Weight: About 172ish lb BF: Around 12%

-Lean bulk to gain steady lean body mass, inscrease cardio and strength
-Perform better in jiu jitsu and general fitness NOT for bodybuilding purposes
-Increase my pull ups
I do lift bodybuilding style 3-4 times a week to look better and help my jiu jitsu

Option 1
Test-E @300mg per week ED injections for a more steady concentration (Insulin needle)

Option 2
Test-E @150mg per week and EQ @300mg per week ED injections for a more steady concentration (Insulin needle)


  1. I have read running test alone for your first cycle is ideal but i am more interested in the benefits of EQ such as increased cardio, more lean body mass gain as opposed to a bit more watery gains from test, less aromatization, slight AI properties(trying to avoid taking an AI to avoid crashing my estrogen)

  2. At first i was thinking of doing two 12 weeks cycles with PCT in between and some time off but i was wondering if one 20 week cycle would be better, safer (Yoyoing with hormones twice instead of just once) and less time consuming from doing PCT twice? particularly if i run EQ which from what i have read its better the longer you use it

  3. Is there risk of permanent shut down for such a long cycle? i plan on some day staying on TRT and blasting compounds like anavar and primo but for right not that is not an option since im considering joining the military

  4. HCG for PCT yes or no? i have seen conflicting information saying its not necessary

  5. Possible gyno from such a low dose? Anastrozole is stupid expensive in my country so im trying to avoid having to buy it

  6. Possible crashed estrogen? what to do in such scenario?

  1. I’ve been training BJJ for 8 years myself how long have you been at it? I’m not sure you’ll get a ton of cardio from only 300mg EQ. I’m a fan of one new compound at a time to dial things in.

  2. I’m not experienced enough to give a good answer.

  3. Every cycle risks permanent shutdown. Longer cycles and certain compounds increase said risk.

  4. I run HCG on my TRT program and it has kept my balls from shrinking to raisins. I think you’re supposed to run it up through the 2 week break between pinning and PCT. BTW, EQ is a much longer ester than test-E, so you’ll want to run the test longer than the EQ to give the EQ more time to flush out before starting PCT. Check steroidplotter for the saturation and elimination times for both.

  5. Gyno is unlikely for 150mg test if you run EQ. 300mg test is kind of no-man’s land for AI. Some will need it some will not.

  6. Buy some dbol and pop 1 a day until you feel better. Or run 300/300 test/EQ and you shouldn’t have to worry about it. 150/300 test/EQ seems like it would increase the risk of crashed E2.

been training for around 5 years with 1 year off and 1 year not training a lot due to school. not trying to gain a huge edge right now thats why im starting with low doses. just getting my feet wet first.
ill just stay on the safe side and buy some UGL anastrozol which i guess is heavily underdosed but i guess that can be good for preventing crashing.
ill run 300/300 instead and stop the EQ before the test

You may not need any on 300/300. I’d run that 5-6 weeks and get bloods. In the mean time if you have high E2 symptoms like high BP, bloating, water retention, etc. then you could start the UGL adex.

Option 1 maybe… Option 2 definitely not. @iron_yuppie posted a good response recently to another guy seeking advice on a 300mg / wk cycle. To summarize his point you have virtually the same risks on 300mg/wk versus 500mg/wk with less rewards. So, thats basically why 500mg/wk is the gold standard for starting advice.

If you are using test C or E there is no need to pin daily. Unless just like it, but that would be odd.

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How about eating more?
I know it sounds simple but at your BW and BF% you have too much potential left. With a good lean bulk for about 6-10 months you’re at 190 lbs.
A cycle takes 3 months for probably around the same gains in your case. I’d stay away from the roids for now. Lean gains and your goals are achievable completely naturally without a lot of trouble.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. He doesn’t need drugs, he needs food.

ill just go with 500mg/week then. what about cycle length? thats my main concern

Typical cycle lengths for long ester test are 10-12 weeks followed by a 4 week ‘off’ period and then a 4 week ‘PCT’ period.

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