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First Cycle Opinions?

Hello my friends.I changed my mind to using 500mg test e/w instead of 400mg tren e/w as first cycle.I ll also use 50mg proviron ed and 1.25 mg letrozole eod for 10 weeks.I am planning to use aromasin for 20 days instead of sarms for pct.What are your thoughts?

aromasin is not a proper pct drug. neither are sarms. SERMS are what you’re looking for… you’re very misguided. maybe too drunk to know what you’re doing. And letro is also a terrible idea for your first cycle. Dosing is too hard to manage, and you’ll likely crash your E2. I highly recommend either running Nolva at 20mg/day through the cycle, or arimidex.

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Sorry friend I meant serms already.

The point why I am using aromasin is it is already triggering hpta by similar way serms do and it also lowers estrogen which rebounds after letro.

I know what aromasin does, thanks. It’s not the best option. But you don’t sound like you’re open to changing anything. I don’t know why you posted if you’re not interested in listening. I’m out.

Letro is cheap here that is why I am using it.I am asking for dosages.

It’s cheap everywhere. It’s also extraordinarily hard to dose properly. Everyone reacts differently to it, so I cannot recommend a particular dosage.



It seems like you need to do some more research…
So were you originally going to run Tren in conjunction with Test, or run Tren by itself?
Either way I don’t suggest Tren on the first cycle, but 500mg of Test is a good starting point to begin with.

Letro because it is cheap??? Lol I think you need to look more into Letro and how you shouldn’t run it. It is extremely hard on the body and you can say goodbye to making gains off of it. Letro is usually kept on hand to blast in case a gyno scare occurs. Why not run something like Arimidex? It is cheap and not hard on the body. It wont make your E2 levels bottom out and crash like Letro can easily do…

If cheap is what you are going for over function, maybe you should think twice about running a cycle.

Ok then can I deal with estrogen with high dose of proviron if I use 250 mg test e/w?