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First Cycle - Opinions?


Hey all!

I'd like your opinions on this first cycle and whether there is anything I have missed and/or screwed up.

Your knowledge is welcome!

Cycle will be consisting of Test-e alone for 10 weeks, including some sort of AI (Arimidex perhaps?) and an SERM (Nolva) for PCT. I will also be injecting the test ONCE a week instead of twice, but if that's going to be an issue then I'd appreciate your input.

Week 1-10: Test-Enth 400mg injected ONCE a week

PCT week 12-14: 20mg Nolva p/day, 14 days after last jab.

Should I be including clomid in my PCT? I've heard that its "oldschool" and not needed if you have Nolva, but should I include it to make sure my natural test levels rebound?

Also, what dose would you guys recommend for an AI (Arimidex) during the cycle per week?

I appreciate any input you guys may have.

EDIT: I read the forum rules concerning not posting any sources, but is there anyone (perhaps an admin or moderator) I can message to confirm whether my source is GTG?


Any insight anyone?


Do 2 injections of the Test a week.

Use arimidex or aromasin.

Your on the right path for PCT, just need a bit more research.


Firstly, thank you for the reply.

Would taking 200mg every Monday and another 200mg every Thursday be fine for 2x a week?

Also, for Arimidex, would 0.25mg EOD, weeks 1-12 be alright? The problem with this is the pills that im getting are 1mg/tab dosages. Should I cut the tablets into fourths to consume the proper dosage?

^ This all stands with just Nolva for PCT and 400mg of test-e p/week (split into 2 injects).

Anything I missed?


Hard to cut tabs that small I would think. Probably better with 0.5 mg EOD.


So by halfing the tabs and taking 0.5mg instead I should be fine?

Thanks for the input, what's your opinion on the cycle as my first?

WK1-10: 200mg Test-e 2x per week (every Monday/Thursday).
WK1-12: 0.5mg Arimidex EOD

PCT: 14 days after last jab of test-e.

WK12-14: 20mg Nolva p/day.



Week 12 is an off week. Week 10 is an on week.

Use a calendar to figure out when to start pct.


I saw it was suggested on a sticky that on a 10 week cycle of test-e, to continue taking Arimidex 2 weeks after the cycle was finished. However, I've also seen people recommend taking it only whilst you're on cycle. What do you suggest?