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First cycle opinions? Tren/Test/D-bol

Well I’ve started a 2 weeker of 10mg M-1-T e/d and when I’ve recovered I will start my first proper cycle. Hoping two weeks is long enough to recover, some people have seemed to recover faster than that.

If any of the vets could let me know what they think it’d be appreciated.

1-6 weeks 25mg D-bol e/d (15mg morning/10mg noon)
1-6 weeks 500mg Sust (2x wkly w/500mg day 1)
1-8 weeks 50mg Tren e/d (100mg day 1)
6-8 weeks 100mg Test. Prop eod
1-10 weeks 0.5mg Liquidex eod

Post Cycle Clomid (After last Tren/Prop jab)

Day 1 200mg
Day 2-10 100mg
Day 11-21 50mg

With of course Nolvadex at the ready :slight_smile:
So have I missed anything and what do people think of my dosing regime?


You should grow like a weed. I’d do Clomid for about 8 weeks post though, that’s a pretty suppressive cycle.

That looks like alot of fun.

Thanks guys. Well I can’t wait to get off the M-1-T to start the big one.

8 weeks of clomid! Wow I guess my balls will be turning into peanuts then?! Oh well, wonder how I’ll explain that one to the missus…