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First Cycle, Opinions & Questions

OK, after reading many thousands of posts, Im finally writing one? and I know its kinda lengthy and a multi-part question, so please bear with me? Now after many years and thousands of hours of researching I?ve decided to do my first cycle. I am a cross country and track runner, so I am looking for something to help me gain strength, some lean mass, some endurance if that?s possible, and lose some fat. Im not looking to gain much mass or weight, just want a mild cycle to give me some strong and solid muscle I can keep. Right now I?m just under 5?11? and weight around 165 with little BF I have been lifting for years and have a very healthy diet. I finally think I have created a decent and relatively safe cycle that?s not too suppressive, but I had a few questions and want to know what anyone thinks about it. Thanks a lot

weeks 1-6 : 20mg anavar/day with 50mg primo acetate/day

Weeks 3-6: proviron 25mg/day

Weeks 2 and 3, and weeks 6 and 7: Clen 20mcg tabs 3 times a day

Weeks 5-12 - IGF-1 R3 Long (MAYBE)

Also starting on week #7:

3 weeks on 20mg Nolva (OR SHOULD I TAKE CLOMID ? OR BOTH? Or something better? I Don?t Care about Price just want the best) ? (I?ve read a lot of controversy about whether PCT is even needed for an var/primo cycle as its not too suppressive, however I would much rather be safe then sorry)
Tribulus (going to use a bottle of Biotest Alpha Male),
1000iu vit E for a 2 weeks

Throughout the Cycle and Post Cycle I will be running:
TONS of Protein ? 350g a day probably, casein before bed
Glutamine - 10-20mg/day
Milk Thistle- 1000-1500mg/day
ALA - 800mg/day
Evening Primrose Oil ? 500mg/day
Vitamin C ? 1,000mg/day
Cranberry Extract
Omega 3 Fish Oil ? 5,000mg/day
GNC Mega-Men Sport Multivitamin
ZMA everynight
Oceans of water
Saw Palmetto ? 320mg/day (until I start Clomid/Nolva)
Creatine ? (should I use it the whole time? Or just wait until I start the Clomid to help keep gains?)

Any Supp?s I?m forgetting to add in?

Should I do Yohimbine or Ephedrine on the weeks im off the Clen? Or just take nothing then? Or could I even just use a legal Fat Burner instead? Is the var and primo anti-catabolic enough to keep a fat burner from hindering my gains?

Any ideas about whether I placed the IGF-1 at the right time in the cycle or if you would even recommend using it? I think I could write a book on IGF after all iv read about it, but maybe someone whose tried it could give me some insight. Im hoping that it will help me keep my gains and even gain a little muscle while I come off. Is that dose about right for my weight? I?ve heard only one bad comment from one person about the Omega brand and everyone else has said its great, but has anyone heard anything different?

Would it be okay to run the Primo as enanthate? Someone told me that it takes longer for the injectable to become effective, and that acetate would be much better for a 6 week only cycle. Is this right? Because if not, I would much rather inject once a week than take the pilles every day?

Will this cycle (including the IGF) allow my body to recover quick enough that I could workout out maybe 6 days a week? I know you can do six days a week workouts even off roids if you do different muscle groups on different days, but I mean, could I work the same muscles everyday? Or even twice a day, like upper body in the AM and legs at night?

Also, I?ve been told not to workout in the gym for more than 1.5 hours or my body will breakdown muscle tissue to use as energy? However, I think I could work out all day if I had the time? so, with this cycle could I work out much longer without any catabolism?

Any tips on what times of the day are best to take steroids? Before/After Workout? How far to spread different types out and which to take together?

I?m still not too sure about whether to use Nolva or Clomid or both for PCT and deffinately need to get this down before I start anything. I?ve found so many conflicting views on this I don?t know what I should do here. I love my balls so this is very important so I want to know whats the very best here? Letrozole couldn?t be used here instead could it??

Also, could running a very small amount of letrozole the whole time be beneficial? I know that this cycle will produce little if any estrogen, but I read that letrozole, unlike most AIs will actually increase IGF-1 up to 24% forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.
php?t=96762&highlight=letrozole+igf I also read it has other effects and gets rid of even more water weight so I?m definitely considering this.

Lastly, I?ve been half considering possibly adding Eq as some friends have recommended since it only causes a little estrogen conversion and supposedly helps increase red blood cell count therefore more oxygen in the blood for running. Any suggestions here on whether Eq or an extremely small dose of test prop would go well in this cycle?

I know I just asked about a hundred questions but I just want to make sure I have everything in perfect order before starting my cycle. Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it

at 5 11 and 165lbs - keep going natural… honestly you could gain what you are looking for without the gear.

How about posting your diet and training? Maybe we could offer some help there first.