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First Cycle Opinion

Hi, I’m new on this forum and I need quick opinion of what I plan for my fist cycle. I’m 23, 180 cm, 89 kg, 10% bf, 5 years in trainig
I have access to all sort of pharma grade gear for free so I wanted to take max out of my first cycle

I thaught like this:
1-10 Test E 500 mg/w
1-2 Test P 75 mg EOD-in sens of frontloading
1-11 Anavar 50mg ED
1-12 hGH 4IU ED
10-12 Test P 100 mg EOD- to clear body faster on the end of cycle.

-I know a lot of people say GH is to not for beginers but if I have option to use it for free now, I think 4IU per day can have huge benefits…i will do blood results 5 days after last injection and start PCT accordingly, i have ready everything including hCG
I also have ready protection during cycle, Nolva and Letrozol but i don’t want to include any if not neccesary since i plan to gain as much as I can so some estrogen will help if no sides…

Opinions, suggestions?
I will do before after photos and post them after i finish my cycle

And yes, diet is perfect, as well as my training…

That’s quite a bit for a first cycle, but everybody does what they want even after they ask for help. Keep the letro as a last resort. It’s very hard on the body but clears up gyno. Always good to have on hand if things flare up. Also, Nobody has a perfect diet and a perfect training program… NOBODY. A GOOD diet, especially in contest prep, is constantly being tweaked and changed according to how the body is looking, reacting, and recovering. A perfect diet would not need changes or tweaks, So yes, you may have a good diet or a solid foundation, but it is not perfect. Feel free to post it if you are confident that it is perfect. The same goes for training. Nobody has a perfect program. A good program is able to be tweaked and adjusted. I have a good training program… But it is constantly changed in accordance to my needs and how I am looking.

What is the purpose of running a cycle? Just wanna get big? Compete? Athlete? Powerlifter? Just wondering so you might be able to get some help. Things are more justifiable if you have a reason besides being some 23yo gym bro who wants to get big for no reason.

If you have access to all this gear, why not do a first cycle of Test and something mild? Then you can run some heavier stuff later. That’s what I suggest, and I am sure that others will share my opinion.


Wow, whata perfect guy!

Well, with this amount of testosterone you’ll need some AI. Don’t use letro, use some anastrozole or examestane… but don’t do it wothout an AI.

And yes, with your age (23) = the max of the max talking about hormonal, health, strenght, bla, bla, bla… everything in your system is optimal at this age, then, 4iu HGH can do nothing to you, maybe just a little, and considering is 12 weeks, humm… but as you said, you have free access to pharma grade, wow… what the brand of HGH (just curious)?

Quite a bit in what sense?

5 years ago I was overweihted boy who could barely move, aftet hard car crash and spine injury I gained a lot of weight and at the time I was 125kg. 2 months ago I prepared myself (with no trainer and no help) for only 6 weeks and take part in my first competition, national competition of my country and I won 1st place in category and overall physique. So yes considering all, I do think my diet is percefct speaking of what i can afford to myself. Second, i had a terible spine injury and every single bit of my training, and my life is so carefuly planed that it can’t be better. When I sit to my computer I will share my diet and workout. Thanks fot that.

Furthemore, everything I achieved, was natural, but now I want advice since I don’t know anything but basics about doping.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s my second language so it’s not perfect, unlike my diet :wink: hehe

And I will not have this resources for long time, that’s why I would like to use it.

1st place trophies… Yea i’ve got those too… So bring that natty physique to the NPC/IFBB and see all those trophies you’ll win lol.

I think you are missing the point here. We aren’t saying that you should not use gear… We are saying that you shouldn’t do all that for your first cycle. Run a test cycle and maybe something mild to see how you react. I think something like Test and EQ is good. I have problems with my appetite and getting meals in, so EQ helps out quite a bit.

From your previous posts it seems like you already have your mind made up on what gear you will be running.

Also, you might wanna do some research on AI and if you should be taking them.

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If you can get gh for free then run it indefinitely