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First Cycle, Only Sust 250?


whats goin on yall? this is my first post to T-Nation although ive been browsing these threads for a while. you guys are the best resource i have so ill run this by yall for your opinions...

Its my first cycle, and all i can come up with around here is some sustanon 250. now ive read a lot about it and how testosterone is the cornerstone of all cycles but what if i was only injecting test? (say, 2cc per week for 6wks) would that give me any kind of noticable results?

Also, ive read that using such a small ammount of test by itself would not need any nolvadex (which i really hope is true because i cant find that stuff anywhere!) By the way, im 21yrs old, 6'1'' and 195lbs. Show me your wisdom o-mighty juice veterans!


if the sust is legit then yes you will see results.I have taken sust before and was only takeing 250 mg a week and i got bigger and stronger.


I would never run a cycle, regardless of how strong or weak it is, without having ancillaries on hand (nolva, etc). Look harder, you can get it online as a research chemical. I don't know where because I don't live in America, but browse the archives.


If you want to do research on lab rats go to ag-guys or chemoneresearch


well, ur gonna def. need nolva for pct because you will get shut down, and it is easy to get, goggle it(u can buy it for "research"). as for sust, i think its garbage compared to test-e. in theory, the longer and shorter esters are used in the compound to allow a steady level of test in the your body for convenience( ideal hrt drug when first dscovered), but it really doesnt, most people will agree sust and andropen 275 cant compete with a test cycle. run a 500mg a week est cycle for ur first cycle. maybe kicksart it will 40mg dbol for 4 weeks, unless u want to see how youll respond to the test on its own.


well there are other things id rather do, but sust 250 is the ONLY thing i can find around here. after doing my homework i think it will work for my first cycle. (hell if i can get even 10 or 15 lbs off of it then ill be happier than a pig in shit) im skeptical of the internet sources, that just seems shady and i dont want to get caught or ripped off. i would ask someone for a decent site to get it from but with 4 posts no one would believe im not a narc.