First Cycle (One More for the Pile)

Hello, I am, like many other posters, looking for suggestions about a first time cycle. I have done a lot of reading on the subject but it is tough to get every answer you are looking for from reading other peoples forums and I am in no way shape or form a medical expert, so many articles of that nature go over my head.
I am 25 years old, I have been lifting for 6 years and Olympic lifting for 4 of those years. I am not a bodybuilder, though I would be lying if I said physic did not matter a little.
My “stats” are roughly as follows:

Height 182cm/6ft
Weight 84kg/185lbs
Squat 200kg
Snatch 120kg
Clean and jerk 145kg

As for my plans for my first cycle:

Test E 250mg a week (1-10) (I know this is lower than most but many have said you can still see results and you can always do more next cycle)

Adex .25mg eod (1-10) (this is the first area I am looking for opinions on, I have read articles that say only use when symptoms arise and others that say it is a vital component. I have chosen a lower dosage to match the lower Test dosage)

Hcg 250iu a week (4-11) (also looking for opinions for the timing and duration of this)

The PCT is where I have the most questions. For a Test E cycle of 500mg a week I have seen articles and posts that say start the PCT 2-3 weeks after last injection, so I decided two weeks after (week 12) because of the relatively low dosage of my cycle. The dosages for the PCT are relatively generic and seem to be in the mid range for a 500mg cycle, so suggestions are welcome.

Starting week 12
Nolvadex (40mg) and Clomid (100mg) ed for 10 days
then taper down
Nolvadex (20mg) and Clomid (50mg) ed for 10 days

I am not looking to become a freak or get ripped to empress girls, I just want to be a little better than I was before. I hope this post does not seem like I am looking for short cut for knowledge I could research myself, it is simply the utilization of another source of information to add to what I have already learned.

Thank you for any replies.

With that little tiny bit of test, I wouldn’t run 100mg Clomid. I ran test, tren, dbol and only used 50mg Clomid… and I wad advised recently to use less dose than I did and stretch it out longer than 4 weeks. I don’t know about Nolva because I don’t use it, but if I were you, I’d run 50mg clomid everyday(ed) for 1week, 25 mg ed 2weeks, 12mg ed for 2 weeks. Something like that… I’m not one for telling others to run higher doses of test, but there’s a reason 500mg test/wk is a very common and advised 1st cycle. Think about it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking the PCT doses were high. Also you could be right, I suspect I will acquire enough for 500mg a week and then make my decision then.

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