First Cycle on TRT

Just as the title says, I’m looking to maybe start a cycle and try and add some muscle size. I’m currently on TRT, never cycled before just bad luck on the gene pool I guess! I have been on TRT for about a year and a half at 100mg a week. I do blood test every 3 months, everything checks out fine other than I have a little bit of thicker blood so I just need to donate regularly. doc says depending on my next result we might bump me up a little on test.

I was curious if there was anything to add that would not mess up my blood work to get my script pulled or anything. From reading it sounds like EQ or masteron are the ones to add in but for longer cycles and I didn’t know how that would work with my blood test being every 3 months. Would I be better off just doubling my test for 8 weeks and donating blood and cycling off for 4? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Currently 6’2 235lbs. Exercise 5-6 days a week, active job in construction, clean eating, open to any suggestions! Thanks

Doubling to 200mg is less than a traditional cruise dose of 250mg. You’ll feel it, but why?

You should be able to go 500mg right after your test for 9 weeks and not pin for 3 weeks because of the half-life, then continue the 100mg and it not be thrown off too much. If anything, you can blame the heightened levels on pin time but exaggerate it still not “feeling right” and ask to bump up to at least 200mg per week (pretty standard male clinic dose, not necessarily “TRT” as the goal of that is to get you in mid range or feeling good, not highs). Then, continue to monitor E2 and RBC as usual on your new TRT dose, donating as usual.

Or, you can just toss some orals in for 4-6 weeks to gain mass since you still have a test base. Orals, or anything else for that matter, won’t throw testosterone off unless you got bunk dbol which is methyltest (oral testosterone). They could, depending on which ones, throw off other hormone values such as prolactin, etc., but I doubt your doc is monitoring that. If anything and you choose this path, I’d go with t-bol so you get some nice dry gains and not worry about E2 spikes and AI dosages with other wet gainers as a first run. That is, till you get a decent TRT dose and can blast at 500mg to make it worthwhile.

If you donate blood too often you will crash your ferritin and that will jack up your thyroid. Then your TRT quites working. Just something to think about.

Most on TRT find 100mg/wk not enough usually 120 to 150 fixes that. Do you know your SHGB?
I would not do a wimpy 200mg/wk cycle it’s just going to thicken your blood raise your E2 and give you backacne. Let your doc try 120 or 150 that maybe all you need.

You really have to get your TT up in the 2000-3000ng/dL range to feel the effects of a true cycle. Doubling your TRT dose ain’t going to do shit but jackup everything else.

Hope that helps good luck.

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With 12 weeks between blood tests you’re trying to thread a very narrow needle. For now you probably should consider orals so as not to mess up your TRT regiment. If the doc agrees to increase it after the next round of testing then you’ll have some more wiggle room.

Options: Tbol 40mg/d for six weeks; dbol 20-40mg/d for 4-6 weeks; masteron 400mg/w for eight weeks

I’m sure there are some other ways of doing it but it’s Sunday and you don’t have my full attention. Sorry.

What would you recommend for a dose on oral of t-bol? I’m fairly muscular as is, so that would be probably pretty ideal for what I’m looking for. I’d like to see if I can get my test bumped up this next dr. Visit, take the 3 months and see how it affects anything. Thanks for the quick response!

Orals I think might be the way to go! Thank you for the idea on running it. Yeah I’d like to push my blood work out to 6 months, but is what it is! I do travel for work so if I needed to play it safe and add a little wiggle room to get levels back to normal I could easily push it out to 4 months.

It does thank you! I figured it would be low, but thought I’d pick a few brains on the idea!