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First Cycle on Test E 400. Is Clomid Only Sufficient?

I’m prepared for my first cycle which is gonna be 13 weeks on Test E 400, I only bought Clomid as a PCT and I’m worried it’s not gonna be enough. You hardly see anyone use Clomid only as PCT so it’s not that reassuring but it was easier to get and I’ve read that if you can deal with the mood swings and headaches it’s a little better than nolva and does exactly the same job. I’m also wondering if I should take the extra precaution during my cycle to take something to prevent testicular atrophy, but again that’s not that common with just Test E alone. Is Clomid going to do the job well enough on its own?

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Simple answer yes. Clomid only PCT is just fine.

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There is a reason that clomid is still a mainstay for PCT and that is because it works.

I myself have the emotional sides from clomid. If you are worried then try to manage your schedule so you have as little to do out in public the first week of PCT. If you have sick days or holiday day saved up use a couple of them the first few days of PCT. Try to start you PCT right before your weekend then if you can take a day or two off. Really it’s the first week that is rough or at least for me that’s how it went. The first few days are the worst. I was crying at commercials on TV. It was pathetic but once I realized what was going on I could manage it.

Relax chances are you won’t even have the emotional sides anyways.

Clomid works. The reason Nolva is more popular now is because of the side effects. But that doesn’t change the fact that a Clomid pct is better than no pct. The thing to watch out for is vision issues. That is the side effect that is serious and irreversible. The mood swings you’ll get over. But when your vision gets affected it’s a whole new ballgame. Keep and eye (man I hate puns) out for that. Otherwise you really will be fine.

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Whats the lowest amount of clomid one could take? I, too, only have clomid for PCT. I have proviron and armidex if that’d help… The vision sides are starting to freak me out

50/50/25/25 has been standard for years. I’d argue that 25 could be enough if run longer, but the longer the run the higher the chance of side effects. Proviron is a no-no in this situation.