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First Cycle on SARMS

Soon 25 years old with 10 years in the gym working out. I was researching about SARMS and I am about to give it a try for the first. My goal is to gain lean muscle. The stack I believe that will suit me best is GW-501516, MK-677, LGD-4033 and a testo booster for about a 6 week period and then a PCT. Does this stack will work? Any other recommendations?

It’s a very solid stack. I would run lgd for 8-10 weeks at 10mg daily. Six weeks imo is not enough. Lgd is perfect for recomp. It will supress you at small rate but enough do mess up erections.

You can skip the test booster since there’s a 0% chance it will do anything and a 100% chance that it’s overpriced. Save yourself the money and use it for food instead.

MK-677 for six weeks is about the same as it is for 0 weeks, so that one might not make much sense. Unless you’re using it as an appetite booster, in which case it’ll be helpful. But slightly elevated IGF-1 levels for six weeks won’t make much difference. That’s the sort of thing that needs to happen over a longer time period. And again, it’s an expensive addition without a quantifiable benefit, at least over the short run.

What’s your PCT look like?

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Haha I read the rest of your comment and you addressed that. Never mind. I really need to read the whole response before typing

This is why I add into the mix the testo booster, probably the Testify from OL.

Using MK-677 as an appetite booster so I can increase my caloric intake but also for the sleep quality. But if in your opinion is not worth it for 6 or more weeks I will not take it.

My PCT will be Alchemy from Hydrapharm and Organ Shield from PURUSLABS

Is It ok?

You need a real pct. Outside of that skinny twink who sells SARMs there’s nobody that doesn’t know how suppressive they are. You’re running what’s pretty equivalent to oral steroids here, so assume that going to be similarly suppressed at the end of this all. Lgd is especially suppressive. And the test booster will not do absolutely nothing. They don’t work under normal conditions. While taking something that heavily suppresses natural production you can only take one thing that’ll raise testosterone.

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Completely agreed. I ran my first LGD cycle and hoping for natural test booster to help me out. Did nothing pretty much. Recovered much longer. Lgd is highly supressive

So, what do you suggest?

Nolva for six weeks @ 20mg/d.

Appreciate it. Thanks