FIRST CYCLE on Deployment

AGE: 25
195 lbs
16% BF
Bench 375
Squat 350
deadlift 425

Test enth 500mg/wk wk1-10
Winny (oral) 50mg ED wk10-14

LiquiNolv 40/40/20/20 wk14-18
LiquiClomid on hand not sure how much to take with the nolv wks 14-18

Questions are really aimed at guys who are in the military like me an have been successful with deployment cycles.

Im trying to get a great increase in strength an at the end look very hard at the end of the cycle which will also be the end of my term an time to go home ( want to look amazing )

1.Somtimes i am out chasing down haj for 3-4 days at a time , Obviously this will mess up my gains but as long as im busting my ass when im inside the wire i should still see some good gains?

  1. Obviously i have no room for error on Gyno an other sides going to a medic could be the end of my carreer if found using Steroids my question is if i start to feel gyno tenderness etc in the begining weeks how much nolva should i start taking daily within those 1-14 wks along with the Test/winny?

  2. Arimidex above FuriousGeorge you recommend .25 with the Test through the whole cycle I dont have arimidex an the supply out here in trashganistan is limited to none an mail is very slow DO MOST of you use arimidex in the 1-10wks Test portion of the cycle or is this just recommended?

  3. ITS REALLY nasty here an the water is disgusting for showering im expecting some super bad Acne which is fine there is no ladies out here worth impressing but Soaps that you recommend or body wash.

  4. I get tons of shots before an after deployments ranging from anthrax- yellow fever, an all are administered in the upper portion of my arm is there any issue with injecting 250mgtest on Tuesdays in say my left upper arm an then 250mg on friday on my upper right arm an repeating this process the whole cycle the reason i want to avoid injections in my legs an ass is im constantly being dropped off into some nasty haj ditch or chasing the bastards into some shit field falling an the sweat an dirt in my uniform is more on my legs then arms.

  5. Say i am out to long an i miss my shot on friday but am able to get it in on saturday or even sunday am i gonna get immediate shut down or go into depression or worse?

  6. FOOD , isnt on the most healthy side specially when sometimes having to eat MRE’s. but i have plenty of protien an could instead of eating some of the spaghetti nights just take in more shakes?
    i really dont want to have the fat bloated look specially when i go home an i know diet is a HUGE part of all this but im just thinking of what i can do Also when i do get home, an im at the end of my PCT i will have the desire an craving to slay some ass right?

All advice is welcome very awesome thread i learned alot just thought id ask some questions pertaining to the limits an cautions of being over seas for the future guy on deployment with these same issues Thanks again!

Do you think it is worth it to try and do a first cycle at this time?

Why not wait. I understand it can help you with your job, but the conditions you will be in will not be ideal, and like you said, if shit goes wrong and you go to a medic you are fucked. You don’t have arimidex, or any AI… why risk having estrogen issues when you are not in a position that you can obtain the proper drugs if you need them, or receive help from a medic without losing your career.

Also, what happens if shit goes down and your whole stash gets destroyed…

Or that someone sees you doing it… how much privacy do you have? Enough that you are sure your commander will not be walking in while you have a needle buried in your arm?

Also food IS a big part. In regards to your replacing spaghetti with a shake, why not both?I don’t know anything about MREs…so I can’t tell you what I think about their nutrition. If you know it isn’t good, why not wait till you are back? IMO everything in this post says wait till you get back… will you have an issue getting this stuff back into the US when you come back? If so, that is the only reason I can see to do this now… If you know you can get it back then I would wait…

Just things to consider

Also thank you for your service. Stay safe, as much as possible.

I really appreciate the concern, but like you said it would help me with my job being more aggressive stronger etc… but you are also right with the WHAT IFS… i just got it in my head i got the itch i wanna go hard you know? im sure youve experienced this… i do have privacy… AN Well i think of it like im getting ready for a competition?

people back home havent seen me in so long i wanna look fantastic amazing the “oh” look… when i step off that bird back into society but your right alot of pro’s an cons. ALSO over here its strictly work there is no play i can focus when i do have time away from missions no girls no bars no nothing i can just go into the gym an let it all hang out

o btw , if somthing did start going wrong cant i just take a low dose of Nolva daily throughout the cycle to be safe or counter act the issue ?

I didn’t use Arimidex on my two first cycles of Test E and I didn’t have any troubles, but I didnt use Adex because of stupidity.

I would just wait till you get adex or another AI on hand, to be safe.

I have personally tapered off my adex and feel better than ever. There are some people that don’t seem to need AIs but you are new, you don’t know.

But yes you can use nolva if you feel it starting, although to the best of my knowledge (Bonez or BBB or others can correct me if I am wrong) since nolva does not lower estrogen within the body, but just blocks it from binding to the receptors.

AIs lower estrogen by preventing aromatization of androgens so that would be better I believe. I could be wrong.

Treating gyno with letro is preferable.

I guess you will have to do what you can though if you are set on this.

Ill prob just start an try to find a reliable site that has arimidex, an get it overseas as fast as possible… an just have my nolva an clomid for emergency thanks again

Best of luck. Try and stay safe over there.

Hey BigSkwatta, when i go into my Winny phase of the cycle would you continue lifting heavy low rep or move into a Lighter 10-12 rep range for cutting or does it really matter in your experiences when hardening cutting some excess Water. as long as im hitting my cardio hard.

I don’t harden up or cut water lol. I am a powerlifter, I stay nice and bloated all the time.

I am not even going to lie and say I know anywhere near as much about bodybuilding training as many guys on here.

All that being said, while winny increases collagen synthesis and makes larger tendons it also makes them weaker. It has to do with cross linking integrity. Even though winstrol makes your tendons bigger there is less cross linking so they become weaker, and more likely to tear, so for that reason I may suggest going into a lighter rep range.

Conversely, I know a powerlifter who uses winny every cycle, and loves it. He has had no real injuries aside from the normal small tweaks. He also uses EQ and Deca a lot though, which help strengthen tendons, so that may be why he hasn’t had the joint effects from winstrol.

As far as from a cutting perspective, I don’t know how much it would affect you. I know a lot of guys who keep their liftng the same and only alter diet and cardio to cut. I know others who change it all. I don’t cut so I can’t really offer an opinion.

for my first cycle i used 400mg test cyp for 10 weeks, never used any ari (bc i didnt know better)none the less didnt have a problem with gyno. everyone is different though.

test enth. has a very long half life. missing shots def isnt good practice but if its a day or two here or there you wont immediately see any problems

Just an update going into week 8ish around week 5 i bumped from 500mg a week to 600mg, 300 on tuesdays an fridays … I FEEL GREAT i have noticed an increase in hair in some area’s that there was not previously any also ACNE only on my shoulders but i think thats just from my KIT that i wear constantly in this shitty water we shower in. Other then that i recover from workouts so fast, an my squat an deadlifts are in the 525 range in 8 weeks a week ago i kinked my back doing deadlifts an had to take a step back but pretty much recovered now. The only real issues or concerns i have is when i am resting or laying down an i dont move for a while an then i make a move with my arms or chest i get real tight sudden cramps or kinda like im pulling my muscle its only for brief seconds but it doesnt feel very good i dunno if thats from not enough water or that ive put on a SOLID 10 lbs an i just dont got very good circulation? well in any rate. I DIDNT get any Adex till about week 4 but i had no sides at all that when i started taking .50 a day i noticed i was getting really moody ? so i backed off to .25 eod an i dont have any issues as of right now… O an as i previously stated above my deadlifts an squats have gone up so much, an really drasticly but my bench has almost remained the same as in 1 rep max, i recover really well, an am able to rep more but as for adding more weight its not been going like my other muscles groups an lifts Not sure why… As for a cosmetic look at things ive been busting veins out in workouts ive never seen im pretty happy with how thats been going well thats an update for now

QUICK question , when i am done with my Test, like say i finish my last shot of test on a tuesday, should i start the winny immediatly? or wait till friday when i would have taken my next shot of the week.