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First Cycle of Var

Hi Im 3 weeks into my first ever cycle of var currently using 10 mgs a day. Was hoping to see if anyone else is running a similar cycle… so far I’ve noticed some interesting sides… mostly an increase in libido have exp cold sweats in the middle of the night and have noticed hardening of muscle tissue. Has anyone else experienced these sides? Also what recommendations do you have for taking var, am or pm etc.

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Normal sides… hang in there. When I get those sides with gear now, I get excited because i know big things are just around the corner… take it in the morning imo…

Those are all generally accepted sides. I would use it pre training

nothing to add really. I like morning dosing for orals because they affect me sleep more if taken later in the day. those are 100% acceptable/expected sides. ‘hardening of muscle tissue’ isn’t even really a side effect, so much as a regular effect. Most people want that, lol.

libido increase, particularly for those new to gear, is always going to be the case, pretty much no matter what steroid you run. var is no different.

You might also experience some muscle cramps in weird places like abs. At least I did.

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Hi Iris.

Because of the half-life of the drug I would split the dose in two: AM and PM.

Sides that I got using Oxan.

• Increased libido;
• Hard muscles;
• Great strength gains;
• Interruption of the menstrual cycle (but I continued to have pms symptoms)
• Oily skin.

That’s what happened to me.