First Cycle of Test Prop

I have been going to the gym for about 3 years now, this last year ive been more serious about it, im 6 feet 210 lbs, built thick
Ive done alot of reading and talking to gym guys about test prop but its not the same, i wanna know from people who have personally done it and maybe some tips or tricks to it.

I wanna tone out and get bigger

First off - i am still in the stage of researching been doing so for months now, at the moment im putting together journals and setting up what will hopefully be my first cycle sometime this year, with that being said i am no doctor and i do not encourage anyone to do any thing that i ramble about on these forums.

Also i am sure a more experienced member will post if i may have missed or have something not quite right.

So with that being said and the fact that i have not done a cycle, this is what i can help you with, may not be much but it is better than nothing.

5 Key factors,

Age, if your 25 or younger i would not advise doing any cycle, actually i would not advise anyone under 30 but that is just me. Try not to mess with the body while it is still growing on its own.

Diet plays a big part of what you will get from a cycle, you can diet for bulking (a dirty bulk will add more fat then a clean bulk) or diet to maintain and add a little bit of muscle. it is all in trial and error everyone is different.

The amount of gear you will be using will also determine what will happen while on cycle, to little and you will not notice much (will gain some because you will have more test in your system than normal) higher doses usually will lead to more gains as long as your getting the correct calories and macros. majority of tp users will do 100-150mg/ml eod or 50-75mg/ml every day. a decent does for a first cycle would be around 400mg/ml per week. the doses i gave will be in the range of 350mg-525mg tp every week. With 500mg/week being a very hefty does for a first cycle. i would advise sticking with the lower range of 350mg-400mg/wk to see how your body reacts.

PCT is just as important as the cycle itself without a proper pct planned and ready you could possibly lose all of what you gained, a pct of Nolva will more then likely do the trick for a tp only cycle as long as it is not a high amount of tp 500+mg/wk. Nolva is also good to have on hand also if you notice any signs of possible gyno while on cycle. start pct about 2-3 days after last tp dose and run about 4 weeks at standard dosing. 50/50/20/20 daily per week should be good. clomid could also be incorporated but some people get sides from it read up on it first if you decide to try it. There are also other useful chems out there so do a read up on pcts.

Rest and recuperation at least 8hrs sleep and be sure to never over train. a good rule of thumb - if its hurting dont train it, this works for me.(although i heard recup times are quicker while on cycle, i still believe if it hurts do not train it will pertain to on or off cycle).

Good luck and hope this helps.
Research is wisdom, Knowledge is power.