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First Cycle of TEST, Please Help

Hello brothers I need your help. So I started my first cycle of test. I am 30 years old, 5’10, 180, 14% bf. It will be a 12 week cycle of 250 mg of test E twice a week for a total of 500mg per week, implementing hcg into the third week till end of cycle. I will follow by two weeks off then starting nolvadex.

So here is my issue, I’ve been following my good nutrition of eating to grow, 300 grams of protein, 3800 clean calories per day, and a good workout routine. Now that I’m into the third week I don’t feel anything. No strength gain, no extra energy, no high sex drive, no morning wood, nothing. If anything I think maybe I’m peeing like ten times per day but that’s it.

I doubt it’s fake gear because I have a reputable source, but what do you guys think? Should I take more test? Really need advice. Thanks in advance.

Get bloodwork. If its good then come back and re evaluate your training and or nutrition

Thanks. Def will look into doing that if changes don’t start coming.

3 weeks is still kinda early. But give it 5 weeks and if nothing whatsoever get some bloodwork and go from there. This will help you establish a source as good or bad for the future and if the test is good you know you’re lacking somewhere else.