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First Cycle of Test E


Hey guys I'm new to gear but want to run my cycle by all of you to check for any errors or advice. I will be running 700mg/week of Test E shot every 3 days for 12 weeks. I have anastrazole on hand in case any gyno related problems appear. My diet has been very close to on point for over the last year and am finding it very hard to notice much gains.

I'm 19, 6'1, and weight 215lbs with around 10% BF. Been training consistently 5/6 days a week for over 4 years. My PCT will consist of HCG and Nolva and anything you guys have to help or criticize would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hcg up to pct but not during


My Friend: Try to locate a article by Dorian Yates on the positive progression of aas. Dorian states that after maxing-out his age related potential,he then started steroids.

Dorian said something to the affect,that he started with a simple Lw dose testosterone cycle and utilized the substance to a point where he leveled -off.Then he increased the dose slightly and utilized the substance to it's potential.This is just a suggestion.Why not start at 200mg's every 3.5 day's and only increase when your body no longer responds.This will allow you to grow quality muscle over time,instead of soft,water weight and zero vascularity.These are only my thought's. Best of luck john


X2 on hcg during and not after, why bring your nuts back up to par when you can prevent atrophy in the first place.

Anastrazole (arimidex) is an AI and as such you should run it alongside your cycle regardless of any gyno symptoms, having elevated estrogen due to aromatisable steroids can cause worse problems than gyno, most notably liver damage. Keep some additional nolva handy as that will help take care of any gyno symptoms during cycle.

You must run AI. Find a comfortable dose, you can up it accordingly. You don't want to take too much and bottom out your estrogen but you don't want high estrogen levels either, in fact you can experience similar sides such as libido loss with your estrogen on either side of the spectrum. I would begin with .5mg EOD or .25mg ED and go from there. People that think high doses of test make you bloated are probably the ones holding shitloads of water due to high estrogen levels from not running AI.

As to what the above poster mentioned, after several weeks myostatin expression limits continual gains. Typically this is the point at which you either swap around compounds or up doses to continue progress. In a nutshell he is suggesting starting with a lower test dose and upping it over time.

You are a bit young at 19 but whatever, just know you run the risk of damping your endocrine system development. If you start now, you may be in it for the long haul, but with TRT for older males being so popular nowadays anyway, who cares. You got good stats for your age.