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First Cycle of Test E, Need Assistance

Hi All,

It’s my 3rd week in my first cycle of Test E. I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything right.

First off, I’m using Test E 350mg/ml. My dosage is .6ml twice a week. Basically, it’s 210mg every Thursday and Sunday. I’ve read it somewhere that for first timers, the first cycle should be between 350-500mg/ml per week and split in to 2 pins with 2 days in between. Needle that I’m using is 23g, 1", I inject it in the leg, upper middle left part on the left leg on thursday, upper middle right part on the right leg on Sundays. Always in the afternoon. I lift every Tuesday morning, Friday morning and either Sat/Sun afternoon. I’m 26 years old, 5’8", 69kg. Been lifting for almost 3 months

I can feel a little pain 24 hours after injecting. It feels like there’s a bruise on the injection area. It’s tolerable though, it disappears after 2 days from the day of injecting test e. Just want to know if it’s normal.

Another thing, I’m a bit concerned on the PCT. The friend who recommended taking Test E didn’t inform me about PCT. I just happen to came across it in the internet. So here’s what I found, please correct me if what i’ve read is wrong.

Testosterone enanthate 1st Cycle
Week 1 - Week 10 = 350-500mg weekly
Week 11 - Week 12 = Abstain
Week 13 - Week 15 = PCT

Where in PCT
Day 1 = Novaldex 100mg
Day 2 -11 = Novaldex 60 mg
Day 12 - 21 = Novaldex 60 mg

I also saw a PCT where-in you can use Novaldex with Clomid. Is it more effective? Here’s the suggested dosage.

Day 1 = Clomid 250mg + Novaldex 60mg
Day 2 -11 = Clomid 100mg + Novaldex 40 mg
Day 12 - 21 = Clomid 50mg + Novaldex 20 mg

Sorry for the long post. I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything right. Thanks for those who will assist me on this! :slight_smile:

Lifting 3 months and already on gear… SMH. Your PCT is off. Just use Nolva 40/40/20/20. Your injection pain is normal.


To be clear, you spent about 8 weeks training - less than 30 entire workouts - before you decided steroids were a good idea?

They also didn’t inform you about why beginners shouldn’t use steroids. It’s in your best interest to stop listening to that person for any kind of training-related info.

The rest of the guys here can clarify what to do now that you’re in.


Thanks for replying guys.

Sorry, forgot to mention that a year ago I was lifting but just for 6 mos (dunno if that would make any difference). I lost the will to continue because I wasn’t making any progress.

Now, i’ve gained around 10lbs in a month, which is kind of a big deal for me. I’ve never been this motivated, most specially because most of my friends are seeing results. But yeah, I’m afraid that there might be or will be something wrong on the inside in the near future that’s why I created this topic.

I didn’t know that beginners shouldn’t use steroids. The only reason that I listened to him is because he’s in a great shape. I would communicate with him regarding this but he’s on tour for a year, and he’s not always online.

It was a really bad idea to pick up steroids. I’m gonna tell you why.

Your 26 you have tons natural test and you have never really weight trained before. This means that your first year in the gym naturally you will. Make crazy big gainz bro. You will blow up due to the fact your just starting lifting seriously and your young. Now you have started fucking with your hormones and shut your natural test down. You probably won’t make all that much more progress using test then you would have made not using it. And this is all based on assuming your diet and training are on point

Try a glute injection. use the upper right quadrant of your glute works great little to no pain

And I second blshaw nomva 40/40/20/20

And I second Chris stop listening to this friend. Your hormones are gonna greatly dictate your quality of life. Especially in the years to come. Plz make decisions on your own.

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Thank you.

Now that I started using it, I wonder what should I do next? Should I still stick to the routine that I’ve posted above? And just change the PCT to Nolva?

Probably. Your already 3 weeks in so your naturally shut down. Idk how much of a benefit starting pct now would give you over waiting til the end of the cycle maybe someone with scientific evidence can chime in a if there is a benefit.

If not just finish and pct.

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Just to clarify with regards to nomva,

that means week 1 - 40, week 2 - 40, week 3 - 20, week 4 - 20, on a daily basis right?

Do I have to start a day right after my last pin, or should I take like a couple of weeks break from test e before using nomva?

Thank you, would prolly do just that :slight_smile:

A lot of people do 2 weeks after last pin as the test will stay in your system for a while.

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You start pct based on what ester you used. In your case it’s enanthate so it would be 2 weeks after your last pin.

And yes 40mg a day for week 1 and week 2 and 20mg/day for 3&4

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Copy that. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

This is actually your biggest problem going forward. If you think you’re motivated now because of the progress you’re seeing what do you imagine will happen when you finish your cycle and start pct? How much “will” do you think you’ll have when you’re constantly tired, moody, and your gains are slowly disappearing? You should be prepared for a rough landing and find a healthy headspace where you can keep motivating yourself after the drugs are out of your system. Because once you’re off cycle it’s all back to baseline, and if your baseline is giving up when it gets hard then you’re kind of screwed.


I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks! At least I have now an idea on what to expect.