First Cycle of "Gray Area" Prohormones

I jus ordered a bittle of Abnormal and a bottle of Chosen 1. I was wondering if anyone on here has stacked these two together before, and what the results/side effects were of both. My plan is too take 2 of each bottle per day then after the cycle take pct, other then that im clueless when it comes to this stuff and would like some advice.

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So abnormal is a two step prohormone to nandrolone, and chosen one is a two step to 1-testosterone. The most obvious side effect will be suppression of your natural testosterone production, which should result in the sort of thing that happens to men with low t. Fatigue, lower libido, maybe some brain fog, that sort of thing.

Uchihagang1-4 was taken


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Abnormal is shit, it’s a two step conversion

19 nor dhea-----19nor androstenedione/androstenediol----- 19 nor testosterone

However even then it isn’t so simple, there are numerous other metabolites these hormones can convert to, and even when the target hormone is reached, a lot of back and fourth conversion occurs, it’s a pain in the ass and opens up the possibility for sides.

Channel 1 is the same I’d hypothesize but with target hormone being dihydroboldenone. I’ve actually taken 1-dhea as there is a very small body of literature demonstrating efficiency, it DOES work, increases vascularity and muscle mass a bit, but that’s it. It’s not great stuff, and fucks with you’re lipid profile.

It should be noted many of the metabolites absent from reaching conversion to target hormone have anabolic activity within themselves.