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First Cycle of Dbol


Hi guys I recently finished a 12 weeks Tbol cycle, now I'm extremely new to steroids so I'd appreciate genuine help haha, I've just purchased Dbol tablets as I want to see better gains how long do I wait until I start them as I finished my Tbol cycle about a week ago? How many weeks/months and also I've wrote a cycle out, could you tell me if this cycle is any good? Any help will be much appreciated

Week 1-8 Dbol @ 40+mg everyday
Week 1-12 Nolva @ 20mgs everyday


Week 9-10 Clomid @ 50mgs a day
Week 11-2 Clomid @ 25mgs a day

Once I've finished this cycle how long do I wait until I start a new cycle and do I repeat the same as last time?



Stop taking steroids, you obviously have no fucking idea what you’re doing.

Nominee for one of the worst cycles I have seen and lol at waiting 1 week to start another cycle.

Do some basic research. I’m sure the reason you’re not running a test base is like every newbie you’re afraid of needles?


I don’t think the Dbol-only cycle is such a bad idea, but you definitely need to wait. Are you doing a pct for your tbol cycle? you need to.

12 weeks is really a long time for a tbol only cycle at that. I imagine your gains stopped or slowed quite a bit by week 5 or 6.

I wouldn’t start the dbol for at least 3 months (2 months after pct). After 3 months, get bloodwork done to make sure your system is functioning normally.

Also don’t run the nolva throughout. Get an AI like Arimidex. Nolva should be saved for pct.