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First Cycle of Anavar


Hey guys,

I'm starting my first cycle of var. Here's what I have planned.

Goal: Cut any fat I have left, Gain Lean Body Mass.

170 lb

First 2 Weeks: 40mg
Remaining 6 Weeks: 60mg

Day 1 (Lower Body):
Leg Curl
Hack Squat
Leg Press
Calf Raise
Ab Ripper X

Day 2 (Upper Body):
Tricep Pushdowns
Bicep Curls
Seated Rows
Ab Ripper X

Working Out 3x a week, doing ab ripper every day. I alternate Lower Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, then second week I'll doo Upper Body, Lower Body, Upper Body. I run almost every morning 3-5k depending on how I'm feeling.

I still haven't planned out repetitions and set amounts, and I still have to figure out what weight amount i'll be comfortable with since I haven't been working out too hard in the past 2-3 months - Any reccomendations on set and rep amounts would be great.

I eat all organic and healthy food, I don't really watch my calories/carbs but I'm not stuffing my face.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think this makes sense for my current goals?


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Allstar indeed. This guy's got it figured out.


Male or female?


Make sure you're taking a multi vitamin with 12 ounces of gatorade half way through your lift. The added nutrients will help aid you in completion of your workout.


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@Stan Darsh

Nope, I'm not trolling...


Forgot to specify but I'm Male

@Toby Queef
I hope so, I used to work out every day for 2 years, then school took over, now that I'm working I have more free time to go full power training.


I'll make sure to do that, I'm currently taking Vitakic 5 in the morning, and 2x Omega 3 at breakfast and 2x at Lunch.


Thick waist isn't the plan, I'm currently a 32 and I'd like to keep it that way or go down a size or two back to 30. Would it be a bad idea to work out my abs every day then? Would you recommend doing it only on off days?

Also I'm thinking either going with the above routine or going for a pure compound routine, with obviously bicep curls thrown in there, always with the bicep curls..

Pull Ups

5-6 Days a week.




No, your name is Allstar because you proposed an All-star cycle. Spot-on. Have fun training your abs every day and doing curls in the squat rack.


Curling in rack is my favorite pastime bro..


Any feedback or suggestions would be great, I really want to max my gains from var considering the amount of money I'm spending on it. If you have a spam post or a troll post that won't benefit this community in any way by spamming my thread please don't bother posting. I plan to do a full log of my 8 weeks, I'll upload some body pics when I take my before pics - they might not be too pretty. Also don't try to talk down to me Toby Queef I've been hitting the gym since I was old enough to get a membership.


bro, not trying to be a dick...but you spent hella money on one of the most expensive steroids that really doesnt give great results unless the doses exceed 100mg a day.

you could have gotten WAY greater results from test/winstrol/clen


What are you talking about? This guy is nothing short of a genius. He has it all figured out and proposed one of the best cycles (and PCT to boot) that I've seen in quite some time.
He's definitely not a troll...


Yeah I'm realizing that now, I'm not to worried about money but for my first cycle I wanted to try var because I heard it was a lighter steroid. I just picked up 200x10mg tablets (2 vials) so I'll be starting the cycle tomorrow.