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First Cycle, Objective Is to Earn 8 Pounds of Muscle

I’m 25 and been working out since 16 with discountinuance. But now is from october 2015, so almost 2 years straight that I trained with constancy and a lot of efforts. My results are pretty good (trained 4 days per week, 70 minutes and used creatine, beta alaine and whey protein. My body look pretty good because even though I’m pretty tall I have very broad shoulders
-6 ft 4 inches
-211 lbs
-12-13% body fat

  • biceps 17 1/3 inches
    My objective is to earn 7-8 pounds of lean muscles and trying to mantain the most after cycle. I don’t care to be very shreadded, I want to get a body as muscular as michael Jai White.
    I’m interested in an oral, 6 weeks cycle. I’ve never used needles but the main problem is that in 4 weeks I will leave US to Germany and would be very difficoult to continue the cycle for 48 hours.With the oral I can continue more easily.
    My idea for the cycle was combining anavar 50 mg + andriol 7x40 mg.
    Or anavar 50 mg + dianabol 30 mg.
    I don’t think it’s influential but I will use tribulus terrestris too during the cycle.
    So what do you think is the best cycle for my situation? Are the doses good considering my 210+ body weight? Also I have very long hair (deltoids lenght), this is why I fear a little bit to use dianabol
    Still, I would like to get some recommendations about PCT and what use to reduce possible side effects during cycle

I think you have a little more research to do. It’s great to have a figure like Michael Jai White to aspire to look like, but based on his looks, he’s using more than an Anavar, Andriol and D-bol stack.
There are noticeably no injectables in your stack. It’s a little unrealistic to be as big and jacked as that dude with an orals only stack. If you aren’t ready for injectables, maybe you aren’t ready for steroids. Maybe try SARMS if you don’t want to use the needle.
My opinion: weight training and nutrition needs to be your life. Not just whey protein and a few extra calories. You need to eat, sleep, breathe and shit training and nutrition. Be patient with your body.

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I done unsuccessful attempt to do same oral only cycle with dbol. I done only 10 mg for 4 days and 20 mg for 4 days. after 8 days i got shut down hard
stopped cycle took sustanon shot 250 mg and trashed all shit .
darkest side was that i was shut down for 3 months and meantime I lost all my hardearned natural muscles on which i had pride
nothing is scary than watching muscle wastage due to own stupidity

Now I started with injectible test e . TO ONLY REGAIN WHAT I LOST :frowning: