First Cycle (NPP,Deca, or EQ?)

Hello everyone!

I just turned 22 and I am preparing to run my first cycle. I am 5’9", 185 pounds at around 12-13% bodyfat.

Cycle is going to look like such

Weeks 1-5: 25 MG Dbol/day
Weeks 1-12: 250 MG Test/2x a week
Weeks 1-12: Aromasin 12.5 mg EOD
Weeks ???: HCG 250 UI 2x a week…

I have 5000 UI of HCG, so I only have enough to do 10 weeks. If I want to run that over the course of the cycle, when should I do so if I can’t get more to run during the entirety of the cycle?


Week 15: Nolva 40 mg/day
Weeks 16-18: Nolva 20 mg/day

Also, I know a lot of forums recommend to use as few compounds as possible, but I have been considering the addition of NPP, Deca or EQ, purely because I am afraid of injury.

From my understanding, testosterone decreases collagen synthesis, which leads to weakened tendons and ligaments and in turn, a higher chance of injuring them. I believe NPP, Deca and EQ all increase collagen synthesis, which could lessen the chance of this occurring. Maybe I am worrying too much about it, but I currently bench in the high 300s, and my squat and deadlift are in the 500s as well, so I am sort of afraid to take that chance if I get much stronger.


No advice? What about a low dosage of anavar throughout the cycle? Anavar appears to increase collagen synthesis and would be easier to recover from than Deca, NPP or EQ.

What kind of test do you have?

Maybe run the HCG from week 4 to 12?

I ran almost the same cycle but without the HCG and included Eq. Was 26 at the time and 5’7 and 185. I did not have no side effects. My max wieght hit 224 during cycle. Kept majority of gains at the time. Eq and test are the only cycles I have ever ran. 2 of them.

I have test cyp. Anavar is too expensive, so cross that out. How much eq did you run and for how long? It seems that eq needs to be ran for awhile, so will 12 weeks of it work, or will it clear after test, causing libido issues? A lot of people seem to bash eq.

500 mg of test wont be enough to worry about that. No harm in adding NPP. make sure you keep your E2 levels in line. Honestly id just run more test though.

Extra test scares me, but I will consider it. Anything else I need to know? Anything I am missing? Opinions?

Here is what I currently look like.