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First Cycle: No Soreness After Only 2 Injections?


Hi, I'm running my first cycle with Test enan and Anadrol.

My question pertains to the soreness. My first injection sight was pretty sore beginning the next day, and for about 3-4 days after that. I pinned my left shoulder and in particular, side lateral type motions gave a somewhat intense acute soreness; nothing painful at all. Now I've done my second injection (still on the left shoulder, but a little further toward the back) and I have no movement soreness whatsoever, however it is pretty sore to the touch.

I'm somewhat second guessing if i hit the muscle tissue or not, because I noticed the angle of the needle was somewhat shallow. However in my experience with subcutaneous injections (type 1 diabetic since I was 2) I've never had any kind of next day soreness-or even next hour soreness to the touch or movement-wise.

Sorry for the slight ramble. Thoughts?


Read Prisoner's sticky at the top of this forum. This is not uncommon. Some shots hurt more than others.

You shouldn't be worried.