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First Cycle & No Anti-E on Hand


I have had a couple vials of test enanthate hanging around for about a year now. Just this morning I got a call from an old college buddy that one of his players on his team backed on of a mens hockey tournament and they need a player. The tournament is in 8 weeks and it is fairly competitive. I have been a serious lifter on and off since I have been 16 but have not been on a serious workout routine in over a year. I am 33 5 10 weigh 168 and still active.

I have a fairly low BF around 12 percent. Just not in "game" shape that I know I should/want to be. I was going to pin tomorrow morning. Total test I have on hand is 4000 mg. I do not have any anti-estrogens yet. I know I should wait until I have all the gear on hand to start a cycle but since the tourney is in 8 weeks I don't really have that luxury. I was thinking of doing 400 EW for ten weeks. I could have the anti-estrogens two weeks into my cycle. A few specific newb questions and I know each person reacts differently to gear.

When do most signs of gyno start to pop up? Also should I stick to 333 per week for 12 weeks or 400 EW for ten? My main concern is 8 weeks from now?

I know this a vague question and I dont even know what answer I am looking for. I guess maybe just nervous and excited at the same time. Thanks in advance.


How useful are tits in hockey? I wouldn't risk it.

My advice is wait until you get your AI's and start then run 400 mg/w. Start working on your cardio and diet now. Your test might not last you 10 weeks like you expect anyway.


so you are 5'10, 168, and ~12%.. in other words, small.

and you want to run a aromatizable steroid without an aromatase inhibitor..

I wouldn't recommend it. you can get an ai from research in 3 days.

check out PP