First Cycle - Newbie -

ummm test prop 300mg/ml is not right, test prop very rarely holds together above 150mg/ml.

it could be ran ed or eod it is up to you. i would run 50mg ed or 100mg eod for a first cycle. see how your body reacts to it.

Nolva would be a good choice for pct it is also handy if you should notice signs of gyno.

Like whats been said in previous posts, read the stickies and do the research have pct diet and cycle in check first before starting any cycle.


Could you get it to hold together at that concentration with EO, maybe? I would be afraid of pretty intense prop pain.

Site injections are not necessary. I suggest pinning ED, but EOD works. I would also like to see more than 350mg/wk if prop is the only compound, so something like 60-70mg ED or the equivalent EOD.

i have seen some use half eo when doing a batch of 150mg/ml i have not heard of anyone doing all eo it could be possible though i guess. just not very likely that they found a supplier with 300mg/ml. all i ever see is around 150mg/ml or lower. plus splitting it to every day or every other day injections would be a pain. unless they decide to cut it with some more oil or eo if they have it.

Like sledder has stated everyday or every other day dosing due to props short ester.

i also agree go with 400mg/wk.


Can I tell you the brand and bottle description here or is that not allowed? Also are you talking site injections or in the butt? I can not find the specific stickies you are referring to guys. This is why I posted in te forum. Pleas help with guidance or a link.

No site injections needed.
the injections must be intramuscle (in muscle)though.
Do not give the brand, i think description is ok. what does it say on the bottle as far as mg/ml that is if the info is on it.


It is on it. Says 1ml = 300mg test 100 test prop. When you say intramuscular I can do my upper left or upper right quadrant of butt and it will flow throughout my body?

I am still at a loss on what the bottle means as far as what concentration you have. May be someone knows and will chime in.

And what i mean by intramuscular injection is that gear must be injected in to the muscle it self. Location and where to inject is up to you but most do, glutes which is the upper left and the upper right of the butt, ventro gluteal which is on the outside of the hip area (do a search on Gluteus Medius injection for more info), Left or right delts, some even do quads but i heard this (varies by individual) can hurt like a s-o-b. Do a search on every site listed and also do a search on intramuscular injections as well. Make sure you have enough muscle in the areas you choose so that it can handle the injection.
And to answer the last part of your question yes the test prop will make it through your body. It does not matter where you inject.


Search for “intramuscular insulin pins” on this forum, makes frequenct injections way easier, and 0.5cc slin pins have a tic mark every 0.01cc, so it’s easier to get the dosing spot on, which is going to be an issue doing ED or EOD injects with relatively high concentration gear.

My guess is that you have some kind of UGL blend if 1ml = 300mg test, but only 100mg test prop. The other 200mg is probably a cheap, long-estered compound like cypionate or enanthate. Since the blend (assuming I’m right and it is a blend) is 1/3 prop you still probably need to inject at least EOD… you might be able to get away with E3D.

2 x test prop 1ml= 100mg
1 x test eth 1ml= 200mg
1 x tren eth 1ml=200mg

This is the gear I got. How should I run ?

Using 18 g to pull 23g 1" to push Thinking about 1/2 cc test prop eod, 1cc test eth a week, and 1cc tren eth a week. Is the dosage to high or low for “virgin muscles”?

I’m so confused. First you had 300mg/mL gear, now you have 100mg/mL prop and 200mg/mL enanthate? Either my reading comprehension is terrible or you are really bad at communicating via message board.

Here are the stickies. Go wild.

No I looked at the labels wrong. Should I bump the dose? Wanna minimize sides and unsure what pct and so to run. Help help lol.

Lol. Sorry, dbol makes me kind of pissy.

You should read those links I posted, they will explain what SERMs and AIs are (you should have both). PCT is typically nolvadex, 40mg ED for two weeks, then 20mg ED for two weeks. When PCT starts depends on the compounds you’re using.

Enanthate esters (test E and tren E) should be injected twice a week.

If you’re worried about sides, I think tren is a bad idea for a first cycle. It’s not necessarily a harsh compound, but anecdotally, the incidence of sides is much greater than test-only cycles, and the sides are harder to manage. It’s supposed to be a pretty fucking awesome for cutting, but you should do some more research about tren sides and how to manage them - it’s not something I’m familiar with. I also think people generally use 150-200mg.

You said that your goal is to cut, so I think you should see if you can trade your guy the tren and test enanthate for more test prop, and just run that at 400-500mg a week for 8-10 weeks.

Well I am sitting at about 223 at 5’11. So want to ideally cut my bf from about 20% ish to like low teens. So trade tren and test e for more prop

wouldn’t you rather lean out first then do a badass cycle to pile on some muscle? That’s how I would personally do it.

I’m not saying that’s what you should do necessarily, just wondering.

I’m trying to motivate myself with the gain to cut and keep going

Any other guidance ?

Ideas on pct whereabouts?

Ok guys I have located my PCT, AI and etc.

I can get Nolva, Clomid, HCG, Arimidex, and Letrozole.

My question is this is my first cycle and want no issues so what should I use for PCT and dosage? And do I run HCG during cycle and what should the dosage look like and for how long?

I want to make sure I do it all right so I have no issues. I have read the :

But it gives no real guidance on protocol, dosage, and stack.

Please help I greatly appreciate it.

HCG starting Week 2. 250 iu 2-3x/week. Stop taking about 5-7 days before PCT.