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First Cycle - New User


Hey Everyone,

New to the forum. I have done my homework for with a lot of this stuff.
Age - 27 years old
Training - 10 years
Bodyfat = 15.6%
Weight 85.3kg's
Maintenance Calories - 2700 p/day
BMR - 2100calories p/day
Bodytype - Mesomorph
Nutrition - Before I even thought about jumping on the juice I thought I would nail the nutrition and training first. So I did, I managed to cut down to 8% bodyfat, worked out my muscle imperfections and decided I wanted to fix these.

I have never touched the juice until two weeks ago.
Cycle - 2x p/week Test E 250mg + Arimidex and Nolvadex for PCT
Cycle Nutrition
Now in the past 3 weeks I have bumped the calories up to 3500 with the macro ratio of 40/40/20

I have noticed strength gains but substantial fat gain with it. I am now at 15% body fat within the last 5 weeks from 10%
Question is: I want to stop the fat gain as much as possible and was considering stacking clen with it, or should i reduce the calorie intake?

I am weighing foods and eating clean proteins, carbs and fats.

Appreciate your answers.



Diet is answer


Are you sure it is fat gain and not just water bloat? How are you taking the adex? 800 calorie increase is pretty large considering your gear has not even kicked in yet.

If you know it is fat gain then dial the calories back about 200-300 or work harder. I recommend the latter. Post previous diet as well as your revised diet if you want some advice in that area.


Honestly I love clen. I think using it intermittently during ur cycle is beneficial to stave off some unwanted fat gain.