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First Cycle. Need Thoughts


I have been doing alot to reading and sifting through total shit and what makes sence. I am going to be starting my first cycle. I was going to run just test for gains but, dont want the bloating. This is what I was looking to run use the whinny to help with water retention and blotting. Was looking at something like this.

wks. 1-4 test prop 100 mgs. Eod (14 pins in two weeks)

wks. 1-10 winny 10mg daily

wks. 1-10 cypionate 250 mgs. 2x a wk @ 0.5ml Mon and Thurs (20 pin 10 weeks)

wks. 12-16 PCT

can I add the prop and cyp together for one pin on the days they match?

All advise will be appriciated.


Use the right forum ?!?!?


Winstrol is not the appropriate drug for bloat. Use an AI, check the AI sticky for more info.

Take the Winstrol and up the dose to 50-75mg a day and use it to bridge your PCT. Take it the last 2 weeks of your cycle and the 2 weeks leading up to PCT.

I would up the Test to 500mg a week instead of 250 (250 is a TRT dose), and yes you can mix the prop and cyp. I'd replace the needle after your draw, piercing the rubber on 2 vials is going to dull the needle significantly.

PCT would start week 13 (last injection week 10, 11/12 off, start 13).