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First Cycle, Need Some Guidance

Hello, first time trying any steroids and i have decided to go with oral to start me off.

My first 2 weeks of the cycle would be;

100mg anarol ED
50mg whinny ED
0.4mg clen ED

Followed by a further 2 weeks of just the anarol and whinny, then 2 weeks off before starting 4 weeks pct of;
50mg clomid
20mg nova
25mg proviron

Any advice of help is really appreciated.

100mg of anadrol everyday with whinny? I hope you are currently signed up on the liver transplant list because you’re gonna need one.

Also, this is not thought out well.

Please, if anything, just run test at 500mg a week. Nothing further at this time.

Most orals are very hard on your liver. injectable test seems to be the route to go for a first timer to see how you response/react.

Bad idea. What kind of retainable muscle do you expect from a (4) week oral only cycle? This is what is going to happen. You will appear to gain some size and your strength will go up. You will start to feel like crap after a couple weeks (no aromatizing compounds). You will lose everything during PCT and end up in a deficit from where you started.

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Why on earth … oral only cycle? 4 week long only? Don’t wait 2 weeks to start PCT with fast-acting orals. Don’t take proviron (it’s suppressive) during PCT. don’t need Nolva & Clomid for such a weak/short cycle.

Get some test, take 400-500mg weekly, 8 weeks long, see how you feel.

As it stands currently, injecting is completely out of the question for me, would doing an 8 week course of Winstrol as a stand alone be worth doing just to get rid of some body fat whilst gaining a little bit of muscle?

Still a horrible idea. If you can’t run test with it, then just wait until you can. Why exactly is injecting “completely out of the question”?

My wife is just completely against me using them so we managed to come to a compromise that i would only use oral steroids because she doesn’t “like the idea” of me having to inject myself with needles. Got to keep the wife happy, happy wife happy life and all that :laughing:

Will she like it when your dick stops working?


I doubt it to be honest mate. So as well as wrecking my liver am i right in thinking it would be a complete waste of time?

At only four weeks I would be more concerned about the ensuing erectile dysfunction and HPTA damage. You need a healthy mix of androgens and estrogen to maintain libido and erectile health. Your natural T is going to shut down and you are using non-aromatizing compounds which means no E2. I’ve seen this done and, as I mentioned in the previous post, most results were in worse shape than when they started. If you are dead set on AAS you need to discuss the fact that injectables are actually likely a safer route with the wife. I know this is a scary notion to some, the needle, but it is your safest route and likely leading to success in retaining some of the growth.


She needs to understand that steroids are steroids regardless of injection or ingestion. They are all illegal so any worries there are invalid. Also, injectibles (for the most part) in much safer than orals.

If you’re not ready to inject or have your wife inject you, then you’re not ready to cycle. My wife pins me. At first she was nervous and it hurt some but I never complained and her confidence grew and so did her ability to give professional injections.

Listen to the other responses. Let your cycle be test only. Stay away from these smorgasbord of orals.

Yikes, don’t do this. High risk for no reward, and you will not gain or improve after the cycle compared to before. Just putting your body through hell for nothing.

I imagine when you’re suffering from ED by week three she’s going to be a lot less happy. This little compromise you’ve worked out with her is as dangerous to your health as you can get within the realm of normal steroid use. By taking a stand—which is 100% emotional and utterly detached from pharmacology and human physiology—she’s actually putting you at more risk. But hey, at least she’s happy!