First Cycle, Need Help

currently 190lbs been an athlete for 14yrs Cycle plan
12 wks dbol/test e 250mg mon/thurs (500 alltogether)
First 6 weeks 30-50mg dbol
Wk 1-12 500mg test e
i just dont know what dosages and when i should have TUDCA and arimidex/ others for pct and on cycle AIs please advise. thanks in advance

Just going to lay it out for you - you aren’t ready.

Do more research, get your own answers for liver support and an AI, use one compound (no dbol), and keep it simple.

Come back, tell us your age, height, weight, and goals.

Good luck.


I like you’re username

Start scrolling through “First Cycle” posts. Spend a little more time reading and your answers are all there. Once you’ve read those put together a proper plan and repost it including full stats and pct. You will get a more proper response when you show you’ve done the research.

You will not need more than 250mg Testosterone for your first cycle.
You should run it without other AAS to know what each one does for you.
You should take a low dose AI. 1/4 tab Anastrozole twice per week would be a conservative starting point.

Tell us your PCT.

No he shouldn’t


Very doubtful he would need an AI at such a low dose. Many folks can go without an AI on 500mg a week.


You should start with 10mg of dbol a day and see how it goes. The last thing you want is to start the first weeks of your cycle with a terrible nausea. I wanted to add dbol to a test e/deca cycle and after 2 days (first day 30mg and 20mg during the other one) i could barely eat something for 2 weeks.

Skip the dbol for now. If you must you can add it at the end, but focus on getting used to test first. Frankly that’ll be more than enough to make you happy, assuming diet and training are dialed in.

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this should still be a sticky.

I’m not so sure that’s a great sticky. It’s suggesting options such as Tren E for your first cycle secondary options.

he does say the ideal first cycle is just test though. however you get some guys who want a more hardcore cycle and his suggestion is mild at least. I get your point however.

We def need a sticky of some sort but I doubt anybody wants the liability for authoring it.

But how old are you?

You dont need anything tudca or pct that low dose. I dont use ai even 1000 test and 600 deca. Dianabol is far less liver toxic at 50 mg day than 6 beers a day.

This is terrible advice.