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First Cycle, Need Help

I am 34, 5’10" and weigh 260. I am a fat ass and take anti-depressants which kill my motivation. I was a machine 7 years ago (185) would run everyday and lift 5 days a week. Then I had my first kid and it was all down hill from there. I need to get back in shape and was told that I should start with enanthate and winny for my first cycle. I don’t know anything about the subject matter and can really use some help.


Find some motivation and get off the couch. I was at 20% bodyfat when I first considered aas. As hard as it was, and it was very hard, I put off my cycle until I got down under 15%. And that was still maybe a little on the high end of where I should have been.

Dont sacrifice your body looking for a shortcut. You’ll end up with bitch tits bigger than the ones you have now. Read up on excess bodyfat effects on aromatization.

But if you’re just looking to get strong and dont care how you look have at it. You can be a flabby He-Man with 500 mg enanthate a week.

…also i’m assuming you are a male, since you’re considering test…

Cycling won’t get you shredded or get you ripped, dieting will, lose some body fat first