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First Cycle. Need Help with Gyno. Want to Learn

So to start this of I’ll give you my stats.
Age:21 yes im young for this
been lifting for 10 years, over 3 years of just strict power lifting
i dont max but i have a guess as of right now
BF%: 9-10 something like that
i eat everything and i mean everything and dont gain weight because my matabolism is so high (like ill eat a whole dame double caramel pie from meijer weekly and i wont gain fat lol) i eat more than 3500 calories everyday sometime into the 4000’s if i have food being made for me and it good.
Deadlift: 505 sumo 475 conventional
i had a shoulder injury a year ago that dropped my lifts but ive fixed it and want to get the strength back and more with the cycle. the lift i gave extremely close maxes of right now because i dont max out.
history: back when i was 19 some guy got my on a PH, i didnt know anything about them i just knew you get strong so i had no idea about pct or anything. dumb yes i know but i know that there was such a thing as pct at the time and i hate myself for doing it. so i took primobol dex for 2 cycles. my first time i had no sides i gained 15 pounds of muscle or so then i took a second a few month after i gained more wight and was around 210. then i got my gyno. still not knowing anything i got in a panic and didnt know what to do so i got this stanzol from someone and it stopped it but didnt get rid of it but it was small. from then on i went with sarms on lgd and it flared it up but i had some nolva on hand but it was so under dosed bs from a site so it got a little bit bigger. the only person to notice was my mom (lol thank god shes chill) i have puffy /soft nips. so after a year and half, which is now, of getting it i am slamming with my underdosed nolva by taking a lot (i bought like nine bottles of it, i should have got pharma but didnt know where to look) and it softened it up and im taking aromisin with it to make sure i dont get rebound affects im in the process of tapering it down. i did have lactation but thats gone and if i squeeze them i get like a pin of watery look stuff only out of the right (this is the worst side) so i know i had prolactin issue but it seems to have stabalized compared to when it was bad. so as of now it only me that can tell i have gyno and most of the time when i have my shirt off i cant even see it because its only behind my nips i have to push on it to feel it
so 1st question. since it is softening up i know it can be revered a little to make it smaller but i want to know what the best is? ive heard good things on raloxifene doing a good job but i want to make sure i get a concrete answer because every forum i have found people argue back and forth about what to take or they are like your stupid. i do plan on getting the surgery but im in the u.s and my insurance from my parents wont cover it and im in college.
Now to the cycle part yes im 21 and thats young but i want to do everything perfect to minimize all the sides and to contain the gyno. yes i know there is a chance of it getting bigger. the fact is this is what i love to do, i love lifting heavy. no other sport or anything has compared to lifting and i plan on doing it my whole life. so from all of this i have been researching and researching everyday for the past year or so about 1-2 hours a day and im taking my stupidity as a live and learn experience. im done with sarms since theyre just as expensive with less gains and there is not enough research on what it can do to you
so since this is going to be my first cycle i do have some questions but ill give you what i have planned out now. its going to be a starter cycle to see how my body reacts and how much ai i need.
12 week cycle because ive found out that that the most optimal amount of time on to gain the most muscle
500 mg test e- pinned twice weekly mon and fri
aromisin 12.5 ed will continue this through pct
not sure on a antiprolactin? if i need it or what kinda confusing

nolva 40/20/20/20/15/10/5 2 weeks after last pin
aromisin 12.5 ed
should i get hcg for the 2 weeks after last pin? i know it helps get test production started
should i mix clomid in because of the gyno? i know you dont need both nolva and clomid for pct but i want to make sure i do the most i can to prevent more growth of it.
money is not an issue i will have everything on hand before i start.

thank you for reading my long post! its my first one on any forum and ill appreciate any information you guys can give me. just dont go saying your stupid because i already know i am from being a meathead and loving power lifting but whata gonna do :slight_smile: hahaha

That’s a lot of information to take in, but at least you didn’t leave anything out. So that’s helpful.

Thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. Don’t take aromasin while on pct; I’m not writing out the long science explanation, but you don’t need it and it’ll work against you
  2. Nuke the gyno before you start your cycle, otherwise it will be really tough to control once you’re on test
  3. Ralox should do the trick to get the gyno in check for now
  4. Run some Nolva on cycle, because its best use (the effect of e2 and breast tissue) will be exactly what you need to control your existing gyno/gyno proneness
  5. Run less aromasin on cycle if possible
  6. Get blood work done before you do anything else
  7. Wait a few more years to cycle (I assume you’ll ignore this one, as all 21 year old guys do, but I’m contractually bound to say it anyway)

thank you! I was hoping you would respond, i was going to Dm you because you seemed to have the best info when i was looking around but tnation does not have that. so ill will get the ralox and pound the gyno with that, should i have any reason to worry about a rebound?
I saw that on another post about using aromisin to counter rebound. Thats why i used aromasin but i trust that you’re right. I will deal with the gyno first like you said before a cycle. (sorry about not waiting a few more years its getting annoying trying to push and gain numbers now from lifting for 10 year but that’s what happens.)
what would you recommend on the ralox? i cant find a certain answer on it. And would I run it till its gone/really small? if thats possible
How much nolva would you say to take on cycle? ive seen people saying like 20 to 10 mg a day.
i thought that aromasin dose would be high that i gave. I will change that to EOD.
On the bloodwork, should i get that as soon as possible just to check now? and how much does it usually cost to get bloods if you know? (people have said 50$ to 250$ which i think is crazy but whatever gotta do it) I planned on doing it before the cycle no matter what to get my base stats.